“Arnold MD is where I painted my very first job. I was 16 years old when I was asked to paint the exterior trim on a townhouse in Tangle Wood. It was 1981 and I was lucky that a few neighbors asked me to paint their exterior trim as well.

Klappenberger & Son was not formed until 1989 but over the summers I painted interior and exteriors of homes, stained decks, and removed wallpaper. Once I graduated from college I actually became 100% dedicated to painting. I painted 50% of all exterior homes in Bay Hills alone. It was so easy to get work when I could stand outside a potential customer’s home and say I painted that house, and I painted those two over there, and that one, and that one.”

—David Klappenberger


We have always prided ourselves in putting the customer first and being very fair with our prices. We have a system, from power washing to hanging up the freshly painted shutters at the completion of the painting job that just flat out works. Our painting jobs last over ten years on aluminum siding and some have been up for 20 years! We use the right products, and process to deliver the long lasting results that our customers appreciate and continue to call us back for in future painting tasks. We still do exterior and interior painting, power washing, and deck staining, plus now we do carpentry work and all sorts of handyman repairs as well. We have four highly skilled and very valuable carpenters that we feel blessed to have.


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