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Painting Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Please excuse the musical metaphors through out this article that compare creating inspiring kitchen cabinet ideas with Rock’in Roll great songs and legends. Painting kitchen cabinets has certainly become the trend and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. If you excuse me for twisting a verse from the King, even wise man say, that […]

Best Color to Paint Your Office

Choosing a paint color for an office can be a challenge. An office, whether it’s a home office or commercial office, should promote productivity and feel comfortable at the same time. You may also need to consider employees and clients when choosing office paint colors for your business. Although it can be easy to paint […]

When Should I Paint or Stain My Deck?

The weather on the East Coast can wear down decking in just a few years, so your deck will regularly need refinishing. But when is the best time of the year to schedule your deck for painting or staining? We can stain or paint your deck almost all year-round as weather conditions directly correlate to getting the […]

What to Do About Lead-Based Paint

Older homes and buildings might be full of charm, but they often have a secret insides: lead-based paint. If you’ve ever signed a lease on an apartment or bought a home built before 1978, you’ve probably heard of lead-based paint, as the landlord or seller needed to provide a lead paint disclosure. Lead-based paint isn’t always a cause […]

Painting vs. Staining a Deck

Decks can be both stained and painted. Understanding the pros and cons of using a deck stain and the pros and cons of using a deck paint when you finish your deck will help you choose the one that best meets your needs. What Kind of Stain Do You Use on a Deck? Several types of […]