Franchise Frequently Asked Questions

Doing your due diligence is paramount in choosing the right franchise. You are trying to find details and clues to what franchise or business opportunity is best for you.

Questions & Answers:

I will do my best to make these few minutes worth your time.  I can’t make claims of being one of the top 500 franchises because we are new at franchising. I certainly can understand the inclination to buy from a well-established franchise, but ask yourself if there are more advantages to a start-up franchise?

Q. What’s the advantage of being first?

Here are a few:

The founder of Klappenberger & Son will be training you. 26 years of experience sitting with you, helping you, mentoring you, and making sure you get off to the best possible start.

We have territories in some of the wealthiest parts of the United States that are ready for the taking. 10 of the top 20 counties in the country are now available.

Many of these territories are currently producing $220,000 – $400,000 worth of gross sales in 2015! When you buy a franchise you will already be in a well-established territory.

When you are the first unit your territory can expand into additional areas until future territories are sold.

Q. Why are the first few franchises so important?

If you fail as a franchise it will be hard for me to sell another one. That makes your success critical to both of us.

When your franchise succeeds you become very valuable. Why? Because you are my first testimonial.

Large franchises can’t promise or deliver any of these critical pieces. Yes, all franchises want you to succeed but if you fail with a company that has, say 125 units, does one failure matter? Not really. The beat goes on.

Q. How do I know your company has integrity, and that its system will work?

Check out our reviews on the internet and see what our customers say about us. Knock on wood, but it’s impossible to find a bad review. We do about 800 jobs a year and not one bad review. Wow.

Q. How do your positive reviews help me, other than the fact I will be the beneficiary of your excellent reputation?

Our reviews are a direct reflection of our integrity, honesty, and commitment to all our customers.

When you are a franchise, you are our customer as well, we need you to have every possible tool to succeed. As a franchise, we want you to sing our praises just like our customers do.

Q. What is our philosophy on growing a business?

In a few brief words: vision, thought, and leadership. Throughout the training and post-training period these topics will continually be discussed and implemented to help foster growth, and a positive, rewarding work environment.

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