Chevy Chase

Klappenberger & Son has been a full service painting and carpentry contractor for 26 years in the state of MD and has enjoyed serving Chevy Chase from day one.

Thanks to all of our super satisfied customers we have enjoyed an:

  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • A+ rating with Angie’s List
  • A+ rating on (EBSCO Research LLC, a third party independent agency) since 2013

As a time proven painting and carpentry contractor we pride ourselves on:

  • All types of home repairs services
  • Adding specialty molding like crown, wainscots, and mantles
  • Removing wallpaper and refinishing to a smooth finish
  • Interior Painting—Attention to detail, proper materials and time tested processes.
  • Painting Kitchen Cabinets—Using cabinet grade paint and proper primers for maximum adhesion and a super smooth finish
  • Exterior Painting—Using the proper materials and prep work to give you longevity and a beautiful finish

What makes Klappenberger & Son different from the other painting contractors? We train our employees in over 30 different painting processes and service techniques and test them on their knowledge.

Each of our painters have a minimum of five years of experience and the average time is closer to twelve years. Many of our painters have been with Klappenberger & Son for over five years and we consider them our Aces! All painting and carpentry work comes with a free estimate and our turnaround time to give you a written painting estimate is typically less than 24 hours.


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