Edgewater Maryland has some of the most beautiful homes on the water, and Klappenberger & Son has been fortunate to paint many of Edgewater’s finest. Klappenberger & Son employees truly enjoy their craft. We enjoy putting in the proper amount of prep work to give your home the attention it deserves. It deserves a high quality paint job. An excellent paint job is where the paint feels full and is standing on the trim.

We believe in using the best paint products because the labor is 85% of the cost. We can’t understand why so many companies skimp by using cheap paint. It just doesn’t make sense.

The proper exterior painting job starts with a great power washing, and then properly scraping, sanding, and using the best caulk for the application, to ensure that your painting job lasts as long as possible.

Interior painting requires different types of detail. When we are painting inside your structure we are very respectful of your property. We use vacuum attachments when sanding the walls to minimize dust. Our painters have every bit of five years of experience before they are allowed to paint the interior of your home.

We are experts at doing the most mundane task—removing wallpaper and making your wall look brand new. Also, we have found about 50% of the time we are able to paint right over the wallpaper and hide it 100%.

Klappenberger & Son is very proud of the painters we have. Many have been with us for years pleasing customers on all types of jobs. Whether interior and exterior painting or staining, or sealing decks and fences, we truly enjoy the painting business and look forward to completing your next project.


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