Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Klappenberger & Son Painting and Handyman Franchise

Why don’t I start my own painting company rather than buy a franchise?

First, if you were to start your own painting company you would need virtually the same things: Truck, tools, insurance, license, and marketing material etc.  Secondly, if you were going to start your own business wouldn’t make sense to have someone train and mentor you who has done this successfully for over 26 years? Wouldn’t it be better to learn from someone else’s mistakes?

It’s hard to place value on having 26 years of experience at your disposal.

Do you help me find work?

Yes.  The 2% brand development fund goes to maintaining your own webpage within our website.  We also have an outbound call center that will make phone calls on your behalf. The call center will set appointments for you to meet with property managers, hospitals, schools and other similar institutions to give you the opportunity to develop long term business relationships!  This is an enormous value that can grow your business dramatically.

Where does the training take place?

Some of the training will be done in your territory and some will be done at our franchise headquarters in Maryland.

Why is your training 6 weeks long and everyone else’s is 2-4 weeks?

We don’t think it is remotely possible to teach you everything you need to know about products, procedures, strategies, and leadership in a few short weeks.  Your success is in our best interest as well as yours. We want you as prepared and excited for success as possible.

Do I need any painting experience?

No.  We have over 42 training videos for you and your painters that will separate your practices from the competition.  We have outstanding estimating software and our own Price Guide Sheet that makes estimating easy and accurate. When training is done you will have a wealth of knowledge in the painting industry.

How soon can I expect to have steady work?

During training we will be meeting new clients using several different techniques.  It’s very likely that during training you will be giving estimates, and it is not uncommon at all to start jobs during training.    This breeds immediate confidence that not only the system works but that you can do it!  After training the growth of your company will depend on you. During training, we discuss what your goals are and what it will take to meet those goals.

Do I need commercial space?

Not unless you live in an area where you can’t have a shed.  Most items and tools will be left on the truck. This business was set-up to be run out of your home.  We do not recommend getting commercial space.

What separates Klappenberger & Son from other painting franchises?

Our goal is to make this as exciting and enjoyable as possible, and that means giving you the best possible support.

Our process is unique in that we have training videos that go into great detail about how to be productive and maintain high quality standards.   Our Price Guide Sheet has sheet has 100’s of pictures and prices of so many jobs that we have completed.

Can I do this part-time?

No, success is a full-time job in any business including this one!

Can I sell the franchise at some point?

Yes.  That is just one of the benefits of having your own business.  You control your destiny. Business can be sold to outsiders, family members, back to the franchisor, or to someone who is already working in the company.  It only needs to be approved by the franchisor.

Is it possible to speak to some of the Klappenberger & Son Franchisees?

Absolutely! We will be happy to give you contact information at any time.

Can I buy two territories?

Our territories are so big that it is really not necessary. With territories that average around 400,000 – 600,000 people there is plenty there for you to have the ability to grow this business very large.  I was doing 1.7 million dollars annually and had 25 people working during the busy months and there was still plenty of room for grow in that size of an area.

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