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A major benefit of owning a Klappenberger & Son franchise is that we offer you your choice from a wide array of expansive, available territories. Our territories are not only much larger than those of all other competitors, but for now the wealthiest territories are still available in your area. A fantastic advantage of getting a franchise early is that you can stake your claim where you want.

Why do we offer such large territories? Because I’d rather have 200 successful and satisfied franchises than 400 franchises complaining that their territories are too small and that they are competing with each other for business.

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Franchise Comparison Chart

The following table is a franchise cost comparison between Klappenberger & Son, CertaPro, College Pro, FRESH COAT, ProTect, Five Star, and Handyman Matters.

Name Royalty Territory Pre-Opening Training (Classroom/On-The-Job) Onsite Opening Assistance
Klappenberger & Son 6 percent of gross revenues up to $700,000 and a five percent royalty on revenues over $700,001 during a calendar year or the minimum annual royalty Protected. Typically contains between 250,000 and 300,000 persons 4-6 Weeks between classroom, videos and on-the-job training 5-7 days
CertaPro Greater of 5% of monthly gross sales or the minimum Protected. Typically contains between 25,000 and 35,000 persons 12 days / 6 days None provided
College Pro 5% to 20% of weekly gross sales Protected. Not defined 50 hours / 75 hours “and as necessary” None provided
FRESH COAT 6% monthly gross revenues or $300 whichever greater Protected and contains up to 175,000 persons; defined by Postal ZIP codes 40 hours / None None provided
ProTect 5% of weekly gross sales for franchisees in good standing; otherwise 7% Protected. Typically contains 25,000 targeted households 26–37 hours / 35–52 hours Provided, but amount of time not specified
Five Star 4% to 5% of monthly gross revenues or minimum of $12,000 per year whichever greater Protected. Typically contains 125,000 households 40.5 hours / 6 hours The 6 hours of on-the-job may be provided at HQ in NC or the franchisee’s territory
Handyman Matters 6% of actual or minimum gross revenues semi-monthly whichever greater Protected. Typically at least 62,500 households 35-50 hours / 30 hours 35–38 hours