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Are there really 4,000 franchises in the US and only 1 has a guarantee?  That is right we are the only one! I am so confident that you will have success with our system I will guarantee your gross sales will exceed $500,000 in your first 20 months!  If you follow our marketing plan and fail to reach $500,000 in gross sales in 20 months, I will refund your franchise fee in full! Full details here.

Are you the right fit? Watch the video below to find out!

Klappenberger & Son is now offering franchises to qualified, serious, prospective owner/operators!

If you are all about quality work and genuinely interested in discussing the possibility of building and running your very own Klappenberger & Son franchise please contact us for anything from general information to specific terms.
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What Separates Klappenberger From the Rest?

A fundamental question I asked myself when I decided to franchise my painting and handyman business of thirty years is “What are the key advantages I can offer in my franchise that will set me apart from the other franchise companies in this segment?” It is a question that I thought long and hard about. Because my painting and handyman business was going to be the model that I would be using, I wanted to make sure I included in the franchise model the same elements that made my own business a success. And using the decades of learning and experience I had accumulated along the way, what could I then provide, reward, and teach that other companies don’t?”

What can I provide?

david klappenberger smilingI can provide 6 weeks of training instead of the standard 2 weeks. For the life of me, I don’t know how someone can be trained in two weeks to run any business! During training, we help our franchisees find customers, give estimates, identify and hire their staff, and start doing actual jobs in their territory. I am not aware of any other painting/handyman franchise that does this. Truth told – this can’t be done in two weeks.

I can provide the largest territories of any painting and handyman franchise in the country. My territories are between 400,000 and 500,000 people. If a franchisee is to prosper, they need a large enough territory to build a significant business.

I can reward my franchisee’s with lower royalties as their business grows. Our royalty fees drop as their gross revenues increase. Why? Because I believe in rewarding hard work that produces tangible results.

I personally teach my franchisees how to close the sale. You can do a lot to generate customer leads and write estimates for prospective jobs, but if you can’t turn those estimates into actual jobs, that’s a lot of time and money wasted. The close rates on job estimates by Klappenberger franchisees is almost double the national average, and we are not the cheapest guys in town by any means!

Franchise Training

klappenberger and son franchise training hoursWhat to Expect

For any business to succeed, you, as the owner must continually be focused on its success. You must have a plan, but more importantly, on a daily basis resolve be fully committed to its execution in order to reach and exceed targeted goals. Throughout the training process we will spend time exploring and developing your goals and the best way to achieve them. Along with the subjects below your first week of training also includes a focus on leadership, and personal development.

Core Training Items

Estimating—Proper estimating is crucial to protecting your profits and that’s why we have generated two different ways of estimating cost. Our estimating system is based on real jobs and it includes many photos to illustrate clearly the subtleties and details of the process.


Video Training—We are the only franchise of our kind with over 32 video training classes designed to not only develop, but to perfect the skills of you and your employees. Having a proven process from over 26 years of experience will save you from making countless mistakes, greatly increase productivity, and considerably reduce your customer complaints. And if and when customer complaints do arise, we will teach you how to effectively resolve them, more often than not turning a negative into a positive.

Confidence—Upon completion of the initial training you will not only possess the knowledge required to professionally and efficiently perform all necessary tasks, but you will also be able to speak with confidence about all phases of our painting and related services. Though we will not teach you how to paint, you will know the proper techniques and how to identify and keep the best painters.

People—We will also show you how to find and interview skilled painters and carpenters. Finding excellent help is always a challenge, but drawing on our 26 years of hiring experience I will show you our system for identifying potential risks and quickly spotting poor and unproductive painters.

Marketing/Training—With over 26 years of experience I will personally help you to grow and market your business to meet and exceed your goals. Whether you prefer to specialize in the areas of commercial, residential, property management, government, or some mix, we have proven marketing strategies to ensure your success.

Here at Klappenberger & Son our training incorporates a focus on your personal business goals from day one, so that when your training is complete, together we’ll have already begun to establish contacts and potential customers, thus laying the groundwork necessary for your continuing success.

  • One-on-One Training with Founder David Klappenberger
  • Online Training Videos for You and Your Painters
  • Comprehensive Marketing Plan
  • Quickbooks, Scheduling, and Estimating Training

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The Franchise Goal

My goal is to have the most satisfied and successful franchisees in our industry. My commitment is to provide the tools, mentoring, and support they need to achieve that goal. We have a support staff that has been in the industry for decades and knows the obstacles and challenges that franchisees face.  With a commitment from the franchisee to follow the system and work the business, I know we can do great things together.

What’s the Secret Sauce? Why Choose a Klappenberger & Son Franchise?

Klappenberger & Son is the only painting company that has training videos for everyone. Whether you are an owner, estimator, or painter, everyone is following the same process. When a customer asks about the time, process, and products we will all be singing from the same hymn book.

What Makes for an Ideal Painting Franchise?

If you are all about quality work and exceeding customer expectations, and are genuinely interested in discussing the possibility of building your very own business, look no further.

Qualifications For Position

  • Be Honest, Trustworthy, and of Outstanding Character
  • Be a High-Energy individual with a Strong Work Ethic
  • Have Excellent Customer Relations, Sales, and Managerial Skills
  • Have Excellent Communication Skills
  • Not Want to Rest on Last Years Salary, but Rather Want More
  • Possess Basic Business and Computer Skills

Prior painting or home improvement experience will be considered a plus, and we even offer a compelling program option for existing painting businesses. However, previous industry experience is not a necessity.

Of course, you should love working with people and pleasing customers! You will also need to meet all licensing and certification requirements in the area in which you operate, but don’t worry, we can help you identify those requirements. We are looking for winners to join us, and help us take Klappenberger & Son to the next level. If you’ve got what it takes to meet the high standards of the Klappenberger & Son system and are ready to embrace it, take the next step by completing and submitting the enclosed confidential request form. Upon review, if we think you’d be a good match, we’ll set up a meeting where we’ll discuss the details about what it takes to be on your way toward operating your own Klappenberger & Son business.

We appreciate your interest in the Klappenberger & Son Franchise Program. We look forward to hearing from you!

Franchise Start-Up Costs

klappenberger and son franchise investment comparison
While Klappenberger & Son is here to assist you with the process of obtaining funding, we will not personally finance any portion of the loan. Your investment in owning your own business is entirely up to you, but we will be happy to aid you in preparing the proper documentation to put in front of the loan officer. We will provide you with a detailed FDD which includes financial performance to submit to your lender. This will allow the institution to take a close look at the agreement between franchisor and franchisee.

Franchise Cost Chart

The following table contains an overview of all franchise costs:

ItemLow EstimateHigh Estimate

Notes (See FDD for greater detail.)

Franchise Fee$ 40,000 (Veterans)$ 47,000
Service Vehicle$ 230$ 5,615Truck, Lettering, Ladder Rack
Signage for Vehicle$ 2,500$ 2,500
Business Insurance$ 4,150$ 10,300See FDD for Details
Painting Equipment$ 0$ 3,500
Misc. Tools$ 0$ 2,000
Uniforms and printed Marketing Materials$ 1,180$ 1,400
Computer / Office Supplies$ 350$ 1,900See FDD for Details
Business Management Software$ 1,750$ 1,750
Bookkeeping Services$ 6,640$ 6,640
Initial Inventory$ 1,100$ 1,100
Training Expenses (Travel)$ 500$ 5,250See FDD for Details
Launch Marketing$ 3,000$ 6,000
Licenses$ 75$ 2,500Fees vary from state to state. Networking Organizations
Professional Advisor Fees$ 1,250$ 2,000Attorney & Accountant Fees
Additional Capital$ 15,000$ 20,000First 3 Months of Operations
Total Estimated Initial Investment$ 77,725$ 119,455
First 3 Months of Operations

Franchise Comparison

klappenberger and son franchise territories

Franchise Territory

A major benefit of owning a Klappenberger & Son franchise is that we offer you your choice from a wide array of expansive, available territories. Our territories are not only much larger than those of all other competitors, but for now the wealthiest territories are still available in your area. A fantastic advantage of getting a franchise early is that you can stake your claim where you want.

Why do we offer such large territories? Because I’d rather have 200 successful and satisfied franchises than 400 franchises complaining that their territories are too small and that they are competing with each other for business.

Franchise With Us

Franchise Comparison Chart

The following table is a franchise cost comparison between Klappenberger & Son, CertaPro, College Pro, FRESH COAT, ProTect, Five Star, and Handyman Matters.

NameRoyaltyTerritoryPre-Opening Training (Classroom/On-The-Job)Onsite Opening Assistance
Klappenberger & Son6 percent of gross revenues up to $700,000 and a five percent royalty on revenues over $700,001 during a calendar year or the minimum annual royaltyProtected. Typically contains between 250,000 and 300,000 persons4-6 Weeks between classroom, videos and on-the-job training5-7 days
CertaProGreater of 5% of monthly gross sales or the minimumProtected. Typically contains between 25,000 and 35,000 persons12 days / 6 daysNone provided
College Pro5% to 20% of weekly gross salesProtected. Not defined50 hours / 75 hours “and as necessary”None provided
FRESH COAT6% monthly gross revenues or $300 whichever greaterProtected and contains up to 175,000 persons; defined by Postal ZIP codes40 hours / NoneNone provided
ProTect5% of weekly gross sales for franchisees in good standing; otherwise 7%Protected. Typically contains 25,000 targeted households26–37 hours / 35–52 hoursProvided, but amount of time not specified
Five Star4% to 5% of monthly gross revenues or minimum of $12,000 per year whichever greaterProtected. Typically contains 125,000 households40.5 hours / 6 hoursThe 6 hours of on-the-job may be provided at HQ in NC or the franchisee’s territory
Handyman Matters6% of actual or minimum gross revenues semi-monthly whichever greaterProtected. Typically at least 62,500 households35-50 hours / 30 hours35–38 hours

What Does the Secret Sauce Make?

  • Satisfied Customers—In 2014 a third party review company found that 96% of our customers would use us again as well as refer us to a friend.
  • Consistency—When everyone is following the same process, problems just disappear.
  • Improved Margins—Using the best products, plus the best process, plus having an educated and trained staff equals better margins, and happier customers!


Owning and growing your own business has never been easier. Currently, we have franchises available in all of Virginia and Delaware, as well as in most of Maryland. 10 of the top 20 wealthiest counties in the country are in these areas.

  • Step-by-Step Opening Guide—Part of our unique training is to assist and train you to have the phone ringing from day one. Our marketing and advertising strategies will get your phone ringing without busting your budget, and let you grow at your own chosen speed.
  • Large Territories Granted—Our territories start at 350,000 and can go as high as 500,000. They are 2-3 times larger than those offered by other painting franchises.
  • Cloud Based Customer Management System—Easy to use and complete online access from your phone or tablet
  • Sales Script—We know exactly how to turn proposals into jobs. We will provide and train you on how to give the customer confidence that your services will meet and exceed their expectations.
  • Not All Jobs Are Created Equal—We will show you how to maximize profits and avoid pitfalls. We’ll help you to market your business where the profit margins are the highest.


david klappenberger presenting check to franchisee

Ongoing Support

  • IT Support
  • Supply Order System
  • Ongoing Support and Training
  • National Vendor Accounts

Complete Systems for Your Business

  • Estimating System
  • Painting Estimate Software
  • Sales and Marketing Material
  • Social Media
  • Blog Site

Let’s Grow a Business Together!

Shoot us an email at, or give us a call at 410.647.5700 and let’s see if we are a good fit for each other.

Upcoming Franchise Events…

Klappenberger & Son will be represented at the following expos and career fairs. We would love to have an opportunity to meet with you in person. Just stop by our booth for a personal walk-through of all the great features that a Klappenberger & Son franchise has to offer.

Can’t make it to one of these events? Bookmark this page as we will be updating it regularly as new events are added to our schedule. 

Franchise Frequently Asked Questions

Doing your due diligence is paramount in choosing the right franchise. You are trying to find details and clues to what franchise or business opportunity is best for you.

Questions & Answers:

I will do my best to make these few minutes worth your time. I can’t make claims of being one of the top 500 franchises because we are new at franchising. I certainly can understand the inclination to buy from a well-established franchise, but ask yourself if there are more advantages to a start-up franchise?

Q. What’s the advantage of being first?

Here are a few:

The founder of Klappenberger & Son will be training you. 26 years of experience sitting with you, helping you, mentoring you, and making sure you get off to the best possible start.

We have territories in some of the wealthiest parts of the United States that are ready for the taking. 10 of the top 20 counties in the country are now available.

Many of these territories are currently producing $220,000 – $400,000 worth of gross sales in 2015! When you buy a franchise you will already be in a well-established territory.

When you are the first unit your territory can expand into additional areas until future territories are sold.

Q. Why are the first few franchises so important?

If you fail as a franchise it will be hard for me to sell another one. That makes your success critical to both of us.

When your franchise succeeds you become very valuable. Why? Because you are my first testimonial.

Large franchises can’t promise or deliver any of these critical pieces. Yes, all franchises want you to succeed but if you fail with a company that has, say 125 units, does one failure matter? Not really. The beat goes on.

Q. How do I know your company has integrity, and that its system will work?

Check out our reviews on the internet and see what our customers say about us. Knock on wood, but it’s impossible to find a bad review. We do about 800 jobs a year and not one bad review. Wow.

Q. How do your positive reviews help me, other than the fact I will be the beneficiary of your excellent reputation?

Our reviews are a direct reflection of our integrity, honesty, and commitment to all our customers.

When you are a franchise, you are our customer as well, we need you to have every possible tool to succeed. As a franchise, we want you to sing our praises just like our customers do.

Q. What is our philosophy on growing a business?

In a few brief words: vision, thought, and leadership. Throughout the training and post-training period these topics will continually be discussed and implemented to help foster growth, and a positive, rewarding work environment.

Call Bruce Chamberlin at 215-317-9189, or email him at

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Q. Why did you buy the franchise, and what do you enjoy most?


Q. What did I do before franchising?


Q. What can you expect after 1 week of training?


Q. What are the royalties and value?


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