Franchise Start-Up Cost

While Klappenberger & Son is here to assist you with the process of obtaining funding, we will not personally finance any portion of the loan. Your investment in owning your own business is entirely up to you, but we will be happy to aid you in preparing the proper documentation to put in front of the loan officer. We will provide you with a detailed FDD which includes financial performance to submit to your lender. This will allow the institution to take a close look at the agreement between franchisor and franchisee.

Franchise Cost Chart

The following table contains an overview of all franchise costs:

ItemLow EstimateHigh Estimate

Notes (See FDD for greater detail.)

Franchise Fee$ 25,000 (Veterans)$ 30,000
Initial Investments$ 495$ 700Yard Signs, Business Cards, Work Shirts
Vehicle (Truck)$ 1,200$ 6,315Truck, Lettering, Ladder Rack
Equipment$ 3,450$ 3,968Sprayer, Power Washer, etc.
Power Tools$ 1,500Hepa Vacuum, Palm Sander, Drill, etc.
Office Furniture, Equipment,
& Supplies
$ 355$ 1,275See FDD for Details
Computer Hardware & Software$ 1,614Quickbooks Pro, Laptop, Smart Phone
Additional Software$ 2,000$ 2,000PepCloud
Technology Fee$ 900$ 900First 3 Months of Fees
Initial Inventory$ 950$ 1,100Misc. Shop Materials
Business Licenses, Permits,
& Association Fees
$ 750$ 1518Fees vary from state to state. Networking Organizations
Professional Fees$ 1,250$ 2,000Attorney & Accountant Fees
Insurance$ 4,150$ 10,300See FDD for Details
Initial Marketing & Promotion$ 5,000$ 5,000SEO, Home and Garden Shows
Training Expenses$ 11,866See FDD for Details
Training Expenses (Third Party)$ 500Quickbooks Pro
Additional Funds for Working Capital$ 15,000$ 20,000First 3 Months of Operations
Total Estimated Initial Investment$ 72,900$ 112,750First 3 Months of Operations