Franchisee Training

What to Expect

For any business to succeed, you, as the owner must continually be focused on its success. You must have a plan, but more importantly, on a daily basis resolve be fully committed to its execution in order to reach and exceed targeted goals. Throughout the training process we will spend time exploring and developing your goals and the best way to achieve them. Along with the subjects below your first week of training also includes a focus on leadership, and personal development.

Core Training Items

Estimating—Proper estimating is crucial to protecting your profits and that’s why we have generated two different ways of estimating cost. Our estimating system is based on real jobs and it includes many photos to illustrate clearly the subtleties and details of the process.



Video Training—We are the only franchise of our kind with over 32 video training classes designed to not only develop, but to perfect the skills of you and your employees. Having a proven process from over 26 years of experience will save you from making countless mistakes, greatly increase productivity, and considerably reduce your customer complaints. And if and when customer complaints do arise, we will teach you how to effectively resolve them, more often than not turning a negative into a positive.

Confidence—Upon completion of the initial training you will not only possess the knowledge required to professionally and efficiently perform all necessary tasks, but you will also be able to speak with confidence about all phases of our painting and related services. Though we will not teach you how to paint, you will know the proper techniques and how to identify and keep the best painters.

People—We will also show you how to find and interview skilled painters and carpenters. Finding excellent help is always a challenge, but drawing on our 26 years of hiring experience I will show you our system for identifying potential risks and quickly spotting poor and unproductive painters.

Marketing/Training—With over 26 years of experience I will personally help you to grow and market your business to meet and exceed your goals. Whether you prefer to specialize in the areas of commercial, residential, property management, government, or some mix, we have proven marketing strategies to ensure your success.

Here at Klappenberger & Son our training incorporates a focus on your personal business goals from day one, so that when your training is complete, together we’ll have already begun to establish contacts and potential customers, thus laying the groundwork necessary for your continuing success.