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Hi, my name is Rasheed Bowen, and I look forward to becoming your go-to Miami painting contractor.  

I realize there are plenty of house painters in Miami to choose from, but I believe you will appreciate the little things we do differently.

For example, we wear name tags because we all have trouble remembering names.  The crew leader speaks English.  

We apply paint samples before starting. 

You won’t see us pulling our crews off one job and putting them on another job like many painting companies in Miami do. 

We have an entire checklist of things we do that provide Superior Customer Service.


Miami Painting contractor Rasheed Bowen
If you are searching for painting companies in Miami, my name is Rasheed Bowen and am the owner, estimator and project manager for your painting project!

7 Year Warranty on Exterior House Painting in Miami FL

Leverage Our 33 Years of Experience

  1. Power washing properly
  2. Proper prep work
  3. Choosing the right primer
  4. Two top coats of premium-grade paint.
  5. Applying paint under the proper weather conditions.
Seven Year Exterior Warranty

Exterior House Painting In Miami

Miami Painting
Commercial Miami painting contractor
Miami Painting Exterior by Klappenberger & Son
And residential painting contractor in Miami

Whether you have a commercial space or need residential, we are your one-stop Miami painting company.  With over since 1989, we have been patching and painting stucco surfaces.  Our skilled masonry team can repair and blend any damaged areas.  

We are licensed and insured and have a treasure trove of Google reviews of customers singing our praises.  

We have tested and used many of the exterior stucco paints.  With this knowledge and experience, we can offer a seven-year exterior house painting in Miami, FL.

FYI we also do interior painting and kitchen cabinets as well!

Power Washing In Miami

Miami power washing letting chemical kill the mold spores

Regardless of your siding type, before house painters in Miami can paint, it has to be clean. 

A trick of the trade 

The cleaning solution must sit for 10-20 minutes to kill mold spores.  Most painting companies in Miami just blast the surface, and if looks clean, it must be.  However, the spores are still there we just can’t see them.

We apply a thickening agent to our cleaning solution and have the product sit for a minimum of 15 minutes.  This ensures the spores are killed, and the mold won’t grow back nearly as fast.

 FAQs about power washing here.

In addition to exterior painting in Sunny Isles we also are experts at patching stucco.
Miami stucco repair

Prep & Process

After the house is cleaned, it’s time for the artistry to get busy.  Digging out the cracks, filling, and feathering the edges separate the pros from the amateurs. 

Whether patching stucco or caulking cracks, we can give your home the TLC it needs.  

The prep work will decide not only how the job looks but how long it will last.  Taking shortcuts here will is something we won’t do, and our 7-year warranty puts our money where our mouth is!

FYI – Exterior house painting requires the moisture content to be below 16%.  We use a moisture meter to test the moisture content prior to painting.

Stucco repair in Miami. Like it never happened!

Knowing The Right Products and Process

Have I mentioned that we have been painting homes since 1989? 

Since then, we have painted over 18,000  exterior homes and 1,200 commercial properties, 6 hospitals, 18 places of worship, 1 pentagon, 4 Smithsonians, and 1 Whitehouse.

And we still have the energy and enthusiasm to paint your next project!  We love what we do.  

We have two slogans we say all the time.

“Inspect what you expect.”


“We are not perfect, but we do our best to be the best.” 

The difference between one coat and two
Check out the difference!

Exterior House Painting In Miami Typically Needs Two Coats

Klappenberger & Son on warranties its exterior paint projects when we follow certain procedures and apply two coats.

For example, the image on the left indicates where someone brushed the edges before rolling the entire wall.

It’s easy to see what was brushed and rolled and what was just rolled.

Price Difference

The second coat of paint usually raises the project’s entire cost by 30 to 35 percent. It’s a wise investment because it might extend the paint job’s life by five years or more.

Working With Mother Nature

What is the ideal time of year for exterior painting?


Most manufacturers prefer temperatures between 50- 90 degrees and above the mid-thirties for a minimum of 24 hours. 

If rain or sprinkler lands on the paint before it cures ( typical 24 hours), the paint can bubble or peel.  

We follow various best practices, one of which is paying great attention to the weather since we give warranties on our exterior painting services.

Recent Exterior House Painting In Miami Projects

Miami Painting contractor Klappenberger & Son exterior stucco home
Miami Painting contractor Klappenberger & Son
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Miami painting exterior roof painting
Exterior house painting in Miami also includes painting this roof blue!
painters Miami, FL finishing this breezeway
Painters Miami Florida finishing this breezway.
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