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Klappenberger & Son Philosophy

I am hesitant to make a claim like we are the perfect company because we are not. But if or when a mistake occurs, we correct the problem. That shows integrity.

We don’t take short cuts that affect the quality or durability of our work. That shows pride.

I believe in a leadership program that promotes and encourages, advancement, and personal development. That promotes a stronger future.

I strongly believe and practice the Golden Rule.


David Klappenberger

david klappenberger

Klappenberger & Son, LLC in Severna Park has been a leader in interior and exterior painting in Anne Arundel County since 1989 and has painted some of the finest homes in historic Annapolis.

Owner, David Klappenberger, attributes his 30 years as a successful painting contractor to open communication. “It starts with me. Did I communicate to the customer, the techs, and the office staff so that the project is understood? We have developed a process to help keep all lines of communication open and flowing. Where notes can be added and viewed by the right people at the right time.” The next step is to find the right techs. Our policy is to only hire painters with a minimum of 5 years of experience and handyman with 10 years of field experience.

Finding and coaching the right people in any industry is never easy, and the painting and handyman field is no exception. But when implementing our “best practices,” Your chances of success go way up. Klappenberger & Son training includes finding, coaching, and keeping the right people to have your dreams and goals become a reality!

Success is never easy or fast, but following Klappenberger & Son’s best practice will help your dreams become a reality. The “best practices” are based on 30 years of trial and error. It’s just one of the many pieces of the puzzle that we provide to make owning a Klappenberger & Son franchise a wise investment. Let’s take a look at some more!