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Looking for a transformation for your home? Klappenberger & Son is here to inspire you with our extensive painting and carpentry experience. Our skilled team of professionals will help make your home feel like a personal haven. We offer exceptional interior, exterior, and carpentry services, and utilize the latest tools and techniques to create a unique and stylish atmosphere for you and your family. Let us take the first step towards achieving your dream home. Reach out to us and let’s work together to transform your house into a work of art!

Why Trust Klappenberger & Son as Your Interior House Painters in Nashville?

Finding quality interior house painters in Nashville who will show-up and do what they promised is not always easy. 

When you partner with Klappenberger & Son, you choose the top-rated home improvement experts and interior painting. Our team comprises skilled professionals who are experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable. With our customized painting services, you can trust that we’ll deliver superior quality and unmatched results tailored just for you. We take pride in our extensive industry experience, ensuring you’ll receive the best. When you work with Klappenberger & Son, you can confidently expect exceptional service and top-notch results at every step.

  • Flexible Work Schedules
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Painters
  • Over 33 Years of Local Experience
  • Free Project Estimates
  • Free In-Home Color Consultations
  • Warranty our work

The Process

Our 30 plus years of best practices ensure both consistency and quality. We have created a step by step process that give you Superior Customer Service everytime.

The Pricing

We offer transparent, reasonable pricing that is based on accurate production rates not wild guesses.

Our Team

We get it right the first time because our techs are trained and have a minimum of 5 years of experience!

Our Communication

When finding quality interior house painters in Nashville, look for a company that communicates easily and often. Trust Klappenberger & Son!

Removing Popcorn, Textured and Stipple Ceilings

At our company, we specialize in popcorn ceiling removal. Textured ceilings, known for their association with 80s and 90s aesthetics, are currently undesirable. Removing such a texture from a ceiling can actually add value to your home. According to industry research, removing a popcorn ceiling almost always raises the value of a property and promotes safety for potential buyers. In fact, 80% of homebuyers prefer to purchase a home that requires minimal renovation. If you plan on selling your home soon, consider scheduling a consultation for our professional popcorn ceiling removal services.

interior painting of a ceiling
man removing popcorn ceiling

Beyond Interior House Painters In Nashville

Klappenberger & Son offer a wide variety of interior painting services. Whether you need a full interior painting job or one small room painted, we have you covered. When we give a free consultation, we really want to ask you some questions and discover your end goals.  For example, are you planning on selling shortly? Do you want the most durable paint? Also, is there a particular look you like.

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