Kitchen Cabinet Before and After

Whether you are a DIYer or interested in hiring Klappenberger & Son, it’s always fun to look at kitchen cabinet before and after pics!  

Klappenberger & Son has been painting kitchen cabinets since 1991 and has mastered the process.  We offer an unheard-of 5-year warranty on chipping and peeling.  

We have tested the finest primers and kitchen cabinet paints and educated over 100,000 DIYers and painting contractors.

Inspirational Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Kitchen cabinet before and after
Kitchen cabinet before and after
Kitchen cabinet two tone option
Kitchen cabinet before and after
washing kitchen cabinets
Off white kitchen cabinets
lighting in kitchen
Photo by: Lambert Home
Adding open shelving
Photo by: Rennia Hoefer
Photo by: Alyssa Rosenheck
Photo by: Lauren Pressey
Photo by: David Tsay, Pinterest
Photo by: Lauren Miller, Pinterest
Photo by: Kim Sargent
Photo by: Nick Glimenakis; Design by: Emma Beryl Kemper

Kitchens Have Evolved in 2022

Things to Consider When Updating Your Kitchen

  • Five years ago, granite was the go-to for counters.  Today it is marble and wood butcher block.
  • Reclaimed materials are a popular choice to add in any way, such as beams, chairs, shelves, stools, or islands. 
  • Large hanging lights over kitchen islands give equal weight to the kitchen area.
  • Dark stained or painted islands anchor and define the spaces.
  • Self-closing hinges can be added to older cabinets and drawers.
  • Old cabinets can be replaced with open shelving.
  • Walls can be removed to open up spaces.
  • Shiplap siding can be added to walls and ceilings, creating a brand new look to any room. 
  • Installing a backsplash.