Romabio masonry paint

Romabio Masonry paint is entirely different than other exterior paints.  It’s as different as a combustion engine is from an EV car.  Today, exterior masonry paints are water-base products—some combination of water-borne, latex, or acrylic components.  Romabio has none of those properties. 

Romabio is a mineral-base paint and that mineral is lime from the Dolemite Mountains of Italy.   Mineral-base paints have been used for 2000 years or more and are very popular in Europe.

The difference between water-base and the mineral-base is:

  • Breathable
  • UV resistant
  • Never peels
  • Zero toxic chemicals, no VOCs

Let’s look at what this means and why we recommend Romabio Masonry Flat.

Why is Breathable Paint Important, and What Does That Mean?

A normal occurrence with porous surfaces outside is for moisture to find its way behind surfaces like brick and wood. Whether it is high humidity or a sprinkler that hits the house, moisture will find its way behind the surface.  A breathable paint will allow that moisture to escape.  A nonbreathable surface will trap the moisture, and it can cause the brick to break down.  Perhaps you have seen a brick where the face of the brick has cracked off.  The moisture expands when frozen causing the brick too break off.  

Matt Hocutt of Romabio describes the importance of breathability,  “When you paint with acrylic or latex, you’re essentially wrapping your home with plastic. And whatever is back there is gonna stay back there. So if you have a leak or something that’s gonna be an issue with the wall paints, you’re putting a rock on top of a brick.    So moisture will soak into the brick just as it would naturally. I wish there’s going to be a chance to escape the break as it doesn’t actually, which is what that process is supposed to do.”

romabio dark color

Romabio Masonry Paint is UV Resistant

Mid-tone and deep base colors can start to fade in just a few years. Romabio Masonry Paint is better at holding color retention than traditional paints. Romabio offers 20-year warranties against chipping, peeling, and flaking, not fading.

The pigments used for Romabio Masonry are the same used for water base paints.  

Romabio Masonry Paint Doesn't Peel, Chip, or Flaking?

The beauty of Romabio paints is both visual and structural. With rehydrated lime and some secret ingredients, the paint bonds and fuses to the brick, similar to mortar bonding to brick. With two coats of Romabio Masonry Paint, you will likely never have to paint the home again. 

Romabio Paints: The Healthy Choice

Romabio paints contain no toxins and zero volatile organic compounds, while water-base paints can not make either of those claims.  

Their paints are fire-resistant and inherently non-combustible.

Potassium silicate is the primary bonding agent. It is a raw, natural, and sustainable material.  


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