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Klappenberger & Son operates locations across a significant portion of the Mid-Atlantic, in addition to those in Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, and Central Florida.

Klappenberger & Son is a family-owned business that provides a comprehensive selection of high-quality painting and handyman services. In addition to residential and commercial painting (both interior and exterior), we also provide house repairs, custom woodwork, and even preservation work for historic structures.  

Superior Customer Service For All Your Painting and Handyman Jobs

Once you finish work for the day, tackling the painting and handyman projects around the home may seem daunting.  Now the question is, who can you call?  At Klappenberger & Son, we have had over 33 years to craft our best practices and incorporate them into Superior Customer Services

     We can offer estimates remotely from pictures if you prefer or a scheduled personal visit.   

We have been listed in Best Picks as a top painting contractor since 2013.                                      

 Klappenberger & Son offers a full range of professional

painting and handyman services, but that’s not what makes us unique.   Our dedication is to make your experience as smooth as possible with long-lasting enjoyment.  Depending on your project, we offer warranties from 5-10 years

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5-10 Year Painting Warranties

Klappenberger & Son is the only painting company that tests paints for the durability, and coverage. With over 60 premium and common paints tested we have the knowledge and experience to warranty out work far longer than other painting companies. Kitchen cabinet warranty 5 years. Interior painting 10 years. Exterior painting 5-7 years.

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Superior Customer Service

Superior customer service is a series of actions that occur for every home we paint. It includes: 1. Daily communication from beginning to end 2. Applying paint samples for approval 3. Our crews wear name tags 4. Lots of in-house training 5. Daily clean-up

Saving You Time and Money Without Sacrificing Quality

We offer various services to make completing your project as easy as possible.  No need for multiple bids on multiple projects Klappenberger & Son is your one-stop shop for handypersons and painting.  We do it all!

Hiring multiple trades to make home repairs and improvements can be a very frustrating experience.  The labor shortage in these skills is very real.  That means many trade companies stay busy and are not interested in small remodeling or painting and handyman projects.  

Klappenberger & Son was founded in 1989 and have painted in thousands of homes and buildings, including government painting projects at the Pentagon, Smithsonian, and even the Whitehouse.

We certainly would be just as honored to paint at your house just as much as the Whitehouse!  


Interior Painting

Interior paint can make a world of difference in your home or business. When applied seamlessly, your interior paint will add a lasting touch of freshness and vitality to any room. We use premium quality paints and offer straightforward, affordable pricing on interior painting for businesses and residential homes. And, you don’t have to shut down your business or home when using our services, either.

Handyman services

Handyman Services

At Klappenberger & Son, we offer more than just paint services. Just create your “honey-do” list and give us a call. We can either give you a flat price or at a very affordable hourly rate. Perhaps you are ready for a beautiful new door, kitchen backsplash, or crown molding? Could a personalized man cave or fabulous new bathroom be on your list?

Exterior Painting

Investing in quality exterior painting services is vital because the right paint will add years of life to your building’s appearance and protective capabilities. There are certain premium paints and primers that when applied properly can last well over ten years! Following proper time tested painting techniques and using the right materials has extended the length of paint jobs to nearly 10 years!

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Did you know that you can get an updated kitchen look from us for less than 20% of the price of a full remodel? Painting your cabinets is an innovative way to change your look for less. We use high-quality paints that self-level.

Commercial painting

Commercial Painting

Time, cost, and quality are paramount in commercial jobs. Our staff will ensure your projects are completed on time, within budget, and at the level of quality you expect and deserve.

No matter the industry, we can help you develop a project plan best suited to your company’s needs.

When you work with our professional painters, we make sure every first impression is a great one.

Home Remodeling

Many homeowners have entrusted us to protect and preserve their historic homes. We have a deep respect for history and use original materials and methods to help you maintain your historic abode.

Since historic homes require extensive knowledge and tools that may vary from modern handyman equipment, it’s vital to hire a professional who knows the best way to tackle historical restoration projects.

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We Deliver Extraordinary Results

No matter if we are providing interior painting services, exterior painting services, handyman tasks or creating the perfect outdoor getaway for your family, customer satisfaction and a quality product are our number one priorities.  Take a look at some of our work and see for yourself.


Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I seldom find the time to write a review, but this is an exception. My wife and I heard about this company during a trip to Baltimore, where I heard really good reviews about the quality of services provided by this company. We are planning to remodel our house for selling, and it was surprising to find the same company in the Katy area in Texas. I immediately contacted them, and it was quite refreshing to find this level of customer service and straight-to-the-point conversation. As soon as I met the owner, Luis, it was evident that he knew what he was doing. We are starting my project with them in a couple of weeks.

-Luis Rico

Services: Interior painting, Drywall repair, Door painting, Exterior painting

Why Choose Klappenberger & Son for Your Professional House Painting and Handyman Needs?

The Process

Our 30 plus years of best practices ensure both consistency and quality. Check out our step by step Superior Customer Services for specific details.

The Pricing

We itemize, so you can pick and choose what you would like us to do.

The Team

Our Team - We get it right the first time because our techs are trained and have a minimum of 5 years of experience!

Our Communication

The #1 reason problems arise is poor communication, and that is why we provide contact information plus daily updates.




Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

As a Residential Property Manager for the greater Houston area I’m always on the look out for contractors that I have enough trust and confidence in to do the job without having to constantly check on them. An insured contractor with fair pricing and good quality work is a must, we have found that in Luis Camacho at Klappenberger & Son.

-John Pugh

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