Klappenberger & Son - Professional Attic Fan Installation

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Klappenberger & Son - Professional Attic Fan Installation

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Are You Looking For a Local Professional to Assist You With Installing an Attic Fan?

Did you know that heat from your attic accounts for about 20% of your home’s cooling costs?  An attic can reach a temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit during the hot summer months.  If you’re not taking steps to keep your attic cooler, you’re probably paying higher utility bills than you should.

See if an attic fan is right for your home.

An attic fan installation offers a cost-effective cooling solution.  Mounting a fan in a gable wall or slope of a roof will help to regulate the heat level in your home by expelling hot air.  You can choose a manually operated unit or a thermostatically controlled model that will turn on and off automatically as needed.

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The Benifits of Installing an Attic Fan

Your new attic fan will offer several advantages:

Increases Home Comfort

Unless you use your attic as a spare bedroom, home office or living space, you probably don’t think much about its temperature.  However, a hot, improperly ventilated attic will directly impact the internal temperature throughout your home.  A fan will not only keep the attic cooler, but it will also improve your home’s overall comfort level.

Saves Energy

The cooling effect of an attic fan keeps your home’s air conditioning system from working as hard.  Consequently, you’ll experience lower electricity bills during the summer.  If you choose a thermostat-controlled model, it will only turn on when the attic reaches a predetermined temperature, which conserves energy. You can also opt for solar-powered fans that won’t consume any electricity.

Prolongs Roof Life

An improperly ventilated attic can develop heat and moisture-related issues like sagging or spongy roof decking, mold and mildew, or shingle damage.  A fan can help to prevent these problems and extend the lifespan of your roof.

Attic Fan Installation for Property Managers

Homeowners aren’t the only ones who can benefit from an attic fan installation in Maryland and beyond.  If you’re a property manager in the region, we can install attic fans that will increase the comfort for your tenants, lower the utility costs for the buildings and lengthen the time between expensive roof replacements.

Klappenberger & Son can handle the job quickly and efficiently.  Our professional contractors have been providing professional painting and handyman services since 1989.  Our team includes experienced, well-trained technicians who will do the job right the first time.

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Debbie Elliott
Debbie Elliott
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We have used Klappenberger & Son for a few years now and everything we've had done through them has been not only of superior quality, but timely and very professional. We've had everything from a deck that needed TLC to a screen door that didn't close properly to completely redoing the outside of our foundation and our chimney. They've been in business long enough to know what the best recourse is for a particular problems.

Why Choose Klappenberger & Son for Your Attic Fan Installation?

Klappenberger & Son combines three decades of experience with a sincere commitment to quality and clear communication. Our reputation for reliability has made us a preferred choice for historic restoration projects throughout the region. We’ve even done work at the Pentagon and the White House. If we can work on the White House, we can work on your house, too!

With our history of integrity and quality workmanship, you know that finding a professional attic fan installation contractor near you requires just one call.

The Process

Our 30 plus years of best practices ensure both consistency and quality. Also, our training program gets everyone singing out of the same hymn book.


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We get it right the first time because our techs are trained and have a minimum of 5 years of experience!


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