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Miami painting: interior painting of living room with coffered ceiling

How Much Does It Cost For Interior Painting In Franklin?

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We know how challenging it can be to find a reliable painting company in Franklin.

Let us assist you! Whether you’re reaching out for the first time or you’re among our 30,000 returning clients, we’re thrilled to have you visit our website.

We’re proud to offer top-notch interior painting that stands out in Franklin, TN.

Our commitment to outstanding customer care is rapidly making us the go-to choice for residential painting services in Franklin.

So, we’d like to invite you to join our happy customer community and experience the outstanding painting services we offer.

We appreciate your consideration and eagerly await the opportunity to serve you!

Rusty Gates - Nashville painting company owner
There are many painting companies in Franklin to chose from, we always do our best to be our best!

3 Reasons To Call Us For Your Interior Painting In Franklin

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Experience prompt service with our estimation process – you can expect a detailed quote in just 24 to 48 hours.

Our advanced estimating software streamlines the quoting process, allowing us to deliver faster responses than many other painting services. Our pricing is competitive and reflective of the precise measurements of your space, the layers of paint necessary, and any preparatory requirements.

For a quick cost calculation, our online interior painting estimator is at your disposal.

With me serving as your sole point of contact for both estimation and project management, you can rest assured that communication will be crystal clear and the work will proceed seamlessly.

When it comes to refreshing your interior’s paint in Franklin, look no further.

5-10 year warranty on painting

We provide limited 10-year warranties for interior painting.

At Klappenberger & Son, we strive to exceed industry standards. We are proud of our work and stand by it with a ten-year warranty on even the slightest things, such as nail pops. Our commitment to quality provides an opportunity to establish trust with our clients. We recognize that a guarantee is more than just a piece of paper; it is a pledge to offer quality that will last. We value your feedback and will contact you occasionally to see how things are going. Let us inspire you to invest in a paint job that will not only beautify your home but also provide you with peace of mind.

In addition, we provide a 5-year warranty on kitchen cabinet painting.

Our painters in Columbus follow our 33 years of best practices

Superior Customer Service: Quality Control for Our Interior Painting in Columbus

We learned the hard way that there are a lot of slop-and-go painters in Franklin. We train, then train some more, and constantly review what we expect.

We urge them to work for our rivals if they are unable to follow our system!

Before beginning any interior painting, the contents will be secured or removed from the space.

1. Protect or remove content.
2. Remove the wall and switch plates.
3. Apply spackle or caulk as needed.
4. Vacuum dust from sanded areas.
5. Apply paint samples to areas for approval.

Our superior customer service is more than just a catchphrase.It is a checklist of best practices that we apply to every job!

Gallery of Interior Painting In Franklin Projects

Lady Painter, painting door for Klappenberger & Son
House Painting In Franklin
Painting contractor Franklin, Klappenberger & Son applying a primer coat.
Miami Kitchen Cabinet painting
Interior painting Franklin includes painting these beautiful kitchen cabinets.
Your go to painting contractor in Franklin
edited 22
Location: Franklin, TN, painting hallway
Miami painting modern stairwell
Location: Nashville, TN painting modern stairwell
Klappenberger & Son Employee painting kitchen cabinets
Interior painting in Franklin, TN
Spackle walls prior to painting
Painters in Franklin patching drywall and even moving switches are all standard operation
Klappenberger & Son crew painting the interior of a home
Interior painting in Franklin

Choosing the Right Paint

Klappenberger & Son is more than simply an interior Frannklin painting company. We also understand the manufacturer’s products inside and out. We have over 60 different interior paints that we research, compare, and report on to you. Here are some examples of videos and blogs. For a comprehensive list, please see our blog.

Unless otherwise specified, each paint Klappenberger & Son review addresses the following topics:

Self-priming and self-leveling

Due to the tough weather conditions in the Franklin region, we may recommend paints like Ben Moore with Gennex Color Technology that are fade-resistant.

Is the most versatile eggshell on the market.
Most durable flat paint under $45.00
ProMar 200 Review by Klappenberger & Son
ProMar 200 Flat and Eggshell have excellent value

We Can Help Suggest the Right Paint

As a professional Franklin, Tennessee painting contractor, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all answer for determining which paint is ideal for your needs. Many painting professionals use the same paint on every job because it is comfortable for them — which is understandable but not always beneficial to you, the customer.

Scenario #1 

If you are selling the home, an interior painting contractor should recommend a paint that:

  • Hides imperfections 
  • Covers well (reduce the number of coats applied)
  • Touches-up well
  • Is inexpensive


Scenario #2

The family just moved in, and they have young kids and a big dog.  For this family, I would suggest:

  • Good coverage
  • Washability
  • Durability
  • Touches -up
Most painting contractors in Katy TX do not do free color consulation . Klappenberger & Son does

Picking The Right Sheen

Some quick thoughts on sheen

Sheen is graded on a reflectivity scale of 1-100. 

A reflectivity of 1 would be a chalkboard, and 100 would be a mirror.

The highest reflectivity I have found is Fine Paints Of Europe Holland Lac Gloss Oil.  It has a reflectivity of 92!

Most high gloss paints have a reflective value in the mid-80s.  


From Flat to High Gloss

There are five common sheens, from flat to gloss.  I wrote a blog that quickly breaks down.  Here are the cliff notes. 

Flat and Matte sheen -has a reflective value from 1-5.   Flat paints hide imperfections and are best for ceilings and some walls.  Some flat paints have poor washability but not all.  Premium paints like Aura, Dynasty, Marquee, UltraLast and Emerald Urethane, and C2  all have excellent washability.  Where to use: ceilings and walls.  

Eggshell sheen -I have yet to find an eggshell paint that does not have excellent washability.  However, few eggshell paints touch up.  Meaning if for any reason, you have to touch up the wall, you will most likely have to paint the entire wall.  Where to use: closets, smooth walls, hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and pig pens bedroom.

Satin Sheen -if your kitchen cabinets still have the factory finish, it is likely a satin finish.  Satin is also commonly used for furniture.  Great washability, poor touch-up.  Where to use:  closets, shelving, kitchen cabinets, bookcases.

Semi-Gloss – standard on trim, not used on walls as much as it once was.  

Gloss – when you get something that you want people to see.  High Gloss catches your attention.  Even if it is put on a ceiling. 

High gloss black on ceiling
High-gloss black on ceiling creates a lot of attention.
Miami painting damaged walls like these should have flat paint applied.
Even after 2-3 passes of spackle, these walls would be best suited for a flat sheen.
Miami Painting Ceilings flat white
Painting ceiling flat white. This will hide the imperfections comming in from the windows

Other Services We Provide Include

We have you covered for interior and exterior painting as well as handyman services in Franklin.

Klappenberger & Son’s one-stop-shop approach saves you money as well as time spent calling and managing various contractors.

Most, if not all, contractors charge an inflated fee for the first hour on small jobs. For example, replacing a bathroom light, painting walls, and replacing a door may need many professionals, each charging a premium for the small job. Klappenberger & Son can handle all three trades, saving you time and money.

Handyman installing recess light
Replacing lights, fans, and other minor electrical services.
exterior painters in columbus ohio
Exterior Painting In Franklin
besides exterior painting in Arlignton we also do carpentry work .
Replacing rotten wood
Rusty Gates - Nashville painting company owner
I look forward to giving you a fair price and the excellent service you deserve.

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