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Are you ready to turn your home into your dream home? Trust Klappenberger & Son to be your painting company in Nashville.  With over three decades of experience in painting and carpentry, our team of experts is here to transform your living space. We have you covered from interior to exterior painting and everything in between.

Our reliable one-stop-shop painting services in Nashville are designed to make your life easier and your home more beautiful than ever before. So why wait? Let’s start creating the home of your dreams today – contact Klappenberger & Son!

kitchen cabinet painting in Atlanta

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Can a painting company in Nashville offer a 5 year warranty against chipping and peeling? Absolutely!

Hiring a painting company near me can come with a color consulation

Color Coordinator

Let our experts guide you in choosing the perfect color for your space at no extra cost. Embrace the joy of selecting your ideal color, knowing that our team has the expertise and experience to make the process a breeze.

A full service painting company in Nashville includes carpentry work too such as this ship lap siding.

Woodwork Services

Adding molding adds charchter and interst. Whether it's crown, chair molding, or shiplap siding, we can install and finish.

drywall repair

Drywall Repairs

If you need drywall installed or just patched and painted, feel free to give us a call. We can also deliver premium level-five finishes for commercial and residential painting projects.

Lead Certifcation

For homes built before 1978, hiring an EPA RRP-certified contractor is essential. Klappenberger & Son ensures safe and compliant handling for lead-based paint projects.

House painters of Atlanta

Deck & Fence Sealing

If your deck has been neglected and is less than 15 years old, don't worry. With some proper prep work and sealers, we can get your backyard ready for relaxation.

house painter of Atlanta power washing exterior of a home

Pressure Washing

We let our environmentally friendly chemicals do the work, not hard pressure washing that can cause damage to your home.

house painters of Atlanta spackling over wallpaper

Wallpaper Removal

Sometimes it is best to remove wallpaper and other times it is best to paint over it. We have developed a techniques for each scenerio.

Carpenters of Atlanta remodeling in Atlanta


We are more than just a painting company in Nashville. Out team of experts can remodel bathrooms and basement too!

Klappenberger & Son is your go-to service provider, offering expert and professional painting services to transform your home completely. Our team of detail-oriented painters is committed to giving your living space a new life by using the perfect colors and precise techniques. We specialize in both interior and exterior painting, and our services are intended to cater to various preferences and design aspirations of homeowners.

Whether you want to upgrade a single room or re-design the entire home, our skilled painters will work relentlessly to give your space the ideal look that reflects your unique style. We believe that everyone deserves to live in a beautiful, inviting home, and our services are designed to turn your dreams into a reality. Contact us today, and let us transform your home into your perfect living space.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How much does it cost to paint a house? 

We have developed an online painting calculator that, with a bit of info from you, will give you an idea of what it will cost, excluding prep work.  In addition, we also have a page that provides insight into what it costs to paint kitchen cabinets, exterior painting, and handyman services. 

Do we have to apply two coats?

The short answer is no.  But it does make a massive difference in the longevity of the paint.  One coat is usually fine if you freshen up or paint a protected area, such as soffits.

However, siding and trim that gets regular sun and is exposed to the elements will last up to a few years if just one coat is applied.  We only offer a warranty on our work when two coats are applied.

What does your exterior warranty include?

The exterior warranty includes chipping, peeling, or bubbling when Klappenberger & Son buys the materials and primes as needed, plus two top coats of premium-grade paint.  We offer a two-year warranty on wood surfaces and a year warranty on stucco, cement board,  brick, and vinyl siding.

When is the best time to paint the exterior?

The best time to paint the exterior of a home in the Nashville area is when:

  • The moisture content of the substrate is below 16%. 
  • There will be no rain for the next 4-24 hours.
  • On hot summer days, avoid painting in direct sunlight.
  • When the temperature will not fall below what the paint manufacturer recommends.
Can I buy the paint and only pay for labor?

We can acquire paint products at much lower prices because of our purchase quantity and relationships with paint suppliers. In most cases, it will cost more to buy your paint. If you still prefer to purchase your paint, it is up to the independently owned and operated Klappenberger & Son franchise you are working with, so this is something you should bring up as you plan your painting project.