PPG Pitt Glaze WB1: The Best Interior Paint

Pitt Glaze WB1 Eggshell: Best Interior Paint Ever?! I realize that saying that Pitt Glaze WB1 is the best eggshell paint ever is a bold statement.  But it’s true.  I have evaluated several premium and mid-grade eggshells, and nothing compares.  I have not evaluated every mid-premium grade eggshell paint on earth. So how do I PPG Pitt […]

Ben Moore Advance: A Pro’s Review

Ben Moore Advance has been on the market for 6 years, and it is time to see if it is a good value.  Ben Moore Advance is a go-to-paint for many painting contractors because it is an excellent paint that retails for $60.00 Many other premium grades of paint like PPG UltraLast $75.00 and SW Emerald $85.00 are also […]

Ben Moore Command: A Pro’s Review

It’s important to ask the question:  What is the purpose of Ben Moore Command. Paint manufacturers do not create new lines of paint for the sake of seeing what label strikes the fancy of their painting contractors.   Every brand of paint made is for a purpose.    It can be strange stuff too. For example, […]

Emerald Urethane Semi-gloss: A Pro’s Review

Is Emerald Urethane Semi-Gloss A Good Value? Here is some general information about Emerald Urethane Semi-gloss from Sherwin Williams Website Zero VOC Low Splatter Water Clean-up Can it be matched to any color? Mildew resistant Primer and paint in one Smooth finish Factors To Determine If Emerald Urethane Is A Good Value Workability Washability Coverage […]

What Is The Best Cabinet Paint

Who has the best cabinet paint?  Great question.  I choose these seven leading brands to find out. What Is The Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint? Just Two Factors To determine the best kitchen cabinet paint we need to look at the quality of the finish and the durability of the cabinet paint.   Coverage could also be […]