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Steps in Getting An e2 Visa

FAQ Questions about getting an E2 Visa Coming into America and starting a business is undoubtedly a possibility.  Having an experienced franchise attorney to file all the necessary paperwork is a must. Bruce Chamberlin interviewed Maud Poudat of Vasques and Poudat. Bruce Chamberlin is an independent broker affiliated with Klappenberger & Son, a painting and […]

Top Paint Colors for 2023

Every year design experts and paint manufacturers come out with their paint colors for 2023.  Some colors picked by the experts will be outlier colors, and others might be starting a trend.  This article is designed to help you find: Trending colors that most of the experts are suggesting. Creative custom colors for either the […]

Who Has The Highest Gloss Paint

When you want the highest sheen possible, you will want a high gloss or gloss paint.  FYI, this is NOT what you typically put on trim, and for a good reason.  For a glossy paint to have a mirror-like finish it will need additional prep work and lots of it.  How to prep a surface […]

The Best Brand of Paint 2023

What is the best paint brand can be difficult when we have over 975 paint manufacturers making many paints.    However, I have tested and used hundreds of brands and have evaluated many of them on my YouTube Channel. If you ask a dozen painters, “what is the best brand of paint”  you will likely get about 8-10 […]

How To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Like A Pro

There is fewer better ROI for a kitchen facelift than painting your kitchen cabinets.  For most kitchens, the cabinets occupy most of the wall space.  The transformation is dramatic whether you change the stained wood cabinets to a bright white or multiple colors.  Before painting your kitchen cabinets, I recommend you avoid these four common […]