How To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Like A Pro

There is fewer better ROI for a kitchen facelift than painting your kitchen cabinets.  For most kitchens, the cabinets occupy most of the wall space.  The transformation is dramatic whether you change the stained wood cabinets to a bright white or multiple colors.  Before painting your kitchen cabinets, I recommend you avoid these four common […]

Behr One Coat Coverage Test

The Ultimate Coverage Test Challange The Behr One Coat Coverage Guarantee states that if any of their 1,000 colors are applied, it will hide or cover the previous color in one coat.    The Behr one coat coverage guarantee only has a few stipulations. First, you will need to prime any bare surfaces or surfaces […]

Good Painting Co’s Roll Right Through Recessions

Recession Or Inflation?  Relax Painting Contractors, Your Lucky I’ve been an active painting contractor from 1989-2019, and if you are new to being a painting contractor or have not worked through a recession before, relax everything is going to be FINE.  Too Many Homeowners Are Not DIYs?  Whether people are moving, selling, or deciding this […]

Behr Cabinet & Trim Review

Today we’re going to talk about the Behr Cabinet and Trim Enamel paint you can get at Home Depot. Strengths & Weaknesses of Behr Cabinet & Trim Workability  I had a good working time with the Behr Cabinet & Trim paint.  It did not dry too quickly and had a nice even flow.   It is […]

The Best Paint For Stucco In FL

It is almost impossible to choose the best paint for stucco in FL with hundreds of paints.  The sun is brutal for at least six months of the year.  The paint needs to be so much more than a pretty color. To be the best paint for stucco in FL, the paint  paint needs to […]