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Do You Need A Nashville Painter? We’ve Got Them

In need of a dependable Nashville, TN Painter? The painting industry can be a bit wild and unpredictable. Whether your painting project involves sprucing up kitchen cabinets, a total interior makeover, or a fresh exterior finish, you deserve a blend of reliability, quality, and affordability. Here at Klappenberger & Son,

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Exterior Painting

What Does It cost to paint an exterior home in 2024

What Does it Cost to Paint an Exterior Home in 2024 Exterior Painting Costs The cost to paint a home’s exterior can vary widely based on several factors. These factors include the size of the house, the number of stories, the type of siding, the condition of the surfaces, the

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Best Paint For Stucco in 2024

If the price was not a significant factor, what product would you use on a stucco home and why? Choosing the best stucco paint for 2024 will depend on what previous product(s) were applied and how many coats. If you don’t know the number of coats and what products were

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Feng Shui

Feng shui, an ancient art and science rooted in Chinese culture, is way more than just about how a space looks. It has a deeper significance, as it emphasizes on creating a balanced and harmonious environment around you. Incorporating feng shui colors in your home can prove to be a

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Tips and Tricks

10 Essential Steps To Selling A House

What are the essential steps to selling a house in a changing market? According to Chad Kerr of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Kerr Team,  As of August 2023, the inventory of homes is growing about 10% faster than the number of homes sold.   With increased inventory and interest

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Finding A Good Painting Co. In Columbus

Finding A Good Painting Co. In Columbus Get a Quote Now Why is finding a good painting Co. in Columbus so painfully difficult?  Did you ever notice how reliable pizza delivery is? It’s pretty amazing! Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for the home service industry. It can be hard

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Tips and Tricks

Painting Tips

I want to share with you how to avoid common painting mistakes that most amateurs make and even some pros. I started Klappenberger & Son in 1989 and have completed jobs of all sizes and industries.  I learned from either the school of hard knocks or through Mark Coale, owner

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who has the best semi-gloss paint
Interior Painting

Best Semi-gloss White Paint: Dynasty, Emerald, and Aura

Best Semi-gloss White Paint: Dynasty, Emerald, and Aura For years of painting, I told my customers and myself that PPG Manor Hall was the best semi-gloss white paint on the market. But I never did a deep dive into comparing other premium paints such as Ben Moore Regal Select or

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