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Klappenberger & Son - Is Your Go-To Exterior Painting in OKC

As homeowners we intuitively understand that painting the exterior house protects the home, we generally think its more of a stop gap to the house becoming an eyesore.

By far, paint is the largest barrier to protecting the exterior surfaces of your home.  Without it, all the surfaces would decay prematurly and water would enter the house.  


Fourtunately we can add color and come with inspiring color combonations that making pulling in the driveway feel good.

If you like the exterior paint colors on your house, terriffic.  However, if you want some inspring ideas to change things up a bit we can help as well.  My wife, Danelle, is great with finding the right colors, and I me and my team are experts at any exterior painting in OKC.

Five things to know before painting the exterior of your home in OKC.

Just because a contractor does a good job and uses suitable materials doesn’t guarantee your paint job will last. There are five reasons why exterior painting in OKC fails; most painting contractors don’t recognize or practice ways to prevent these failures.   

Hint:  it’s not tornados. 

Klappenberger & Son has been painting interior and exterior homes in OKC for a long time, and we know what works and what doesn’t.  That’s why we offer a five-year warranty.

The Steps To A Five Year Warranty

  1. Proper power washing and prep
  2. Using a moisture meter
  3. Choosing the proper bonding primer
  4. The right amount of topcoats
  5. Working in cooperation with Mother Nature
Interior painting in Arlington comes with a 5 year warranty on kitchen cabinets

Painting Warranties

We take the risk out of hiring a painter with our extra-long warranties on most of our work.

Year Warranty on Exterior and Kitchen Cabinet Painting
Year Warranty on Brick and Hardy Board Painting
Year Warranty on Interior, Stucco and EIFS Painting
Before picture exterior painting company in Bethesda is looking at job of painting an arts and craft house in Tacoma Park
Exterior Paint Company in Bethesda painted this house in Montgomery County

Klappenberger & Son Is Your Exterior Painting Company of Oklahoma City

Whether you have a rancher or a big home, consider Klappenberger & Son as your your go to contractor for exterior painting in Oklahoma City.   

With our 30 years of experience, we can advise you on the best products and methods to ensure your home is protected and beautiful.  

In addition to being a painting contractor, we also can do other carpentry and handyman projects around your home.  

This makes us an ideal one-stop-shop to get your most prized position looking awesome!

OKC exterior painting of brick before
OKC exterior painting of brick after

Exterior Painting in Oklahoma City: What Do We Do Differently?

Power washing in Bethesda
Allowing the cleaning solution to sit for 15 minutes is necessary to kill mold spores.
Professional exterior painters in Katy TX know that mold spores are best lilled by allowing chlorine to stay wet on the surface for at least 15 minutes.
If not killed, mold spores will eventually grow through painted surfaces.

 Proper Power Washing 

When power washing or pressure washing your exterior, we let the chemicals do the work, not high pressure.  We leave the high-pressure to Time Share salespeople.

We use the least amount of chemicals that kill mildew and get rid of dirt and pollen collected on the home.

Our cleaning products will not harm your plants or flowers!

FYI – We insist that the chemical stay on for fifteen minutes. 


Fifteen minutes is the amount of time necessary to kill the mold spores, or they will grow through the paint.

FAQ:  About power washing.

OKC power washing exterior of house
Klappenberger & Son is a full service painting and power washing company serving the entire OKC metro area.


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exterior painters in Katy TX should test the moisture content of wood before painting

A Key Difference:

The Moisture Meter

It is impossible to feel the wood and know if the moisture content is low enough to paint.  Believe it or not, most painters do not own a moisture meter. 

Before a single can of paint is open, we check the moisture content of the wood and mark areas that are not ready for painting.

FYI – The most likely cause of paint peeling is water.

Almost all paint requires the moisture content to be below 16%.

Proper Prep Work Makes All The Difference

Exterior Painting Company in Bethesda prepping house to be painted
Exterior painting in Oklahoma
Exterior Painting Company in Bethesda paint Arts and Craft Home
Opening the windows and painting the edges will keep the windows from rotting.
From power wssh to completion (10)
Wilson is inspecting his tape job before he sprays.
Baltimore Painting company Klappenberger & Son painting house in Baltimore

A Key Difference:

Choosing the Right Primer

There is a reason why every paint manufacturer has a wide variety of primers.  Different surfaces call for different primers.   

What happens if you choose the wrong primer?  The paint will peel.  


Because the wood, primer, and top coat of paint are not expanding and contracting at the same rate. 

With the sharp changing seasons of Oklahoma City, it is important to have all three surfaces expanding and contracting at the same rate.

When choosing Klappenberger & Son, we can advise you on which primer will work best for your home. 

Are Two Coats Necessary?


Exterior painting in Oklahoma is more than a nice-looking finish.  It’s protection for your most valuable possession.  

Applying two coats satisfies the warranty and improves the surface appearance and extends the paint job’s life for several years.

To demonstrate the difference, consider a scenario on the right.  One coat is applied to the exterior walls using a roller, but the edges and seams have been brushed.

Noticeably, the areas that received two coats have significantly more paint remaining. While adding a second coat may increase the overall job cost by roughly 30-35%, it can prove a wise investment, yielding lasting results for up to five years.

Protect your property’s appearance and value with quality exterior painting services today.

The difference between one coat and two
The difference between applying one coat or two is clearly visible on these painted shingles.
Exterior Painting Company in Bethesda painting the exterior of a home
Exterior Painting company in Bethesda painting porch ceiling
Klappenberger & Son is an exterior painting company in Bethesda MD and this is a picture of a finished porch
Owners Ron and Aarron
We are 5th and 6th generation Oklahomans.
OKC painting contractor Klappenberger & Son

Whether your exterior siding cement board, vinyl, aluminum, brick or stucco we have additional information ready for you!

Typically we can get a detailed estimate to you within a couple of days.



Klappenberger & Son Is Your Exterior Painting Company in Oklahoma City

Not only do we know the ins and outs of painting, but we also have some terrific carpenters.

Whether you have rotten wood trim boards, a loose handrail, or other exterior maintenance projects, we have you covered.  

Other Services include:  

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Handyman Services

Property Management Services

Deck & Fences