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It’s Impossible to Tell if a Paint Job Will Last Once It Is Completed

How do you know if you have a professional exterior painting in Bethesda protecting your most significant investment? 

It’s almost impossible. It’s like comparing steaks at the grocery store and determining which is most tender. 

If you can’t tell which exterior painting company will do the best work, it is easy to go with the lowest price and hope for the best, right? I’ve been guilty of doing this, and it has backfired in most cases.

Here are a few of our best practices to consider when collecting estimates from exterior painting companies in Bethesda and the surrounding Montgomery County area. 

 5 major contributing factors to how long an exterior painting job will last are as follows:

  1. Proper Cleaning
  2. Having the moisture of the wood at an acceptable level
  3. Choosing the proper primer
  4. Correct weather conditions
  5. Applying two coats of premium paint
klappenberger & Son exterior painting in Bethesda MD
With 35 years of experience, Klappenberger & Son knows which paints resist fading chipping and peeling.
Exterior painting in Bethesda by Klappenberger & Son
We offer 7 year warranties on stucco, brick and other masonry surfaces.

Klappenberger & Son Exterior Painting Company in Bethesda

Whether you have an arts and crafts home or a mansion on the hill, consider Klappenberger & Son as your exterior painting contractor in Bethesda.   

Since 1989, we have painted over 30,000 homes in the Bethesda area and beyond. 

In addition to being a painting contractor, we also can do other remodeling and handyman projects around your home.   

This makes us an ideal one-stop-shop, to get your most prized position looking awesome!


Exterior Painting in Bethesda: What We Do Differently

Exterior painting company in Bethesda
Exterior painting in Bethesda starts with a proper power washing.

Proper Power Washing Techniques

When power washing or pressure washing the exterior of your home, we let the chemicals do the work, not high pressure. 

We leave the high pressure on Time Share salespeople.

We use the least amount of chemicals that kill mildew and get rid of dirt and pollen collected on the home.

Our cleaning products will not harm your plants or flowers!

FYI – We insist that the chemical stay on for 15 minutes.  That’s the amount of time necessary to kill the mold spores. 

If not, the mildew will grow back much faster!

The Most Under Used Tool

Moisture meter

What’s A Moisture Meter? 

I’ve found very few exterior painting companies in Bethesda are own a moisture meter.

A moisture meter shows the wood’s moisture content just below the surface.

It doesn’t matter how much prep work is done or the type of primer and paint you apply if the wood is damp. 

Moisture is the number one reason paint peels.

The moisture content needs to be under 16% to be considered safe for painting.

Our Exterior Painting Jobs Come with The Longest Warranties In The Bethesda

Attention to detail is shown here as Jose preps all sides of the windows.
Exterior painting company in Bethesda applying Bondo
Painting the tops and sides of windows reduces the chances for rot.
exterior painting company in Bethesda Priming house
The first floor is taped, to protect from overspray of painting the porch ceiling
exterior painting in Bethesda need to be dry or the paint will peel
Paints that are "self-Priming" do not hold up as well as a straight primer.

Choosing the Right Primer

There is no “one size fits all” for exterior primers.  Whether you are painting Georgia Pine or pine from Canada, it’s not all the same primer.   

What happens if you choose the wrong primer?  The paint will peel.  


Because the wood, primer, and top coat of paint are not expanding and contracting at the same rate. 

With the sharp changing seasons of Bethesda, it is important to have all 3 surfaces expanding and contracting at the same rate.

When choosing Klappenberger & Son we can advise you on which primer will work best with your surface. 

Can you see the difference between one coat and two?

The undersides of the shingles on the left were both brushed and rolled, while the flat part of the shingles was only rolled. 

Besides applying two coats satisfying the warranty, it also extends the paint job’s life for years.

For example, the picture on the right clearly shows where someone brushed the edges and seams and then painted the exterior wall with a roller. 

The areas that received two coats have significantly more paint left.

Applying a second coat of paint usually adds about 30-35% to the total cost of the job.  Considering it can extend the paint job’s life by 5 years, it is a wise investment.

The difference between one coat and two
To get the maximum protection for exterior painting in Bethesda, two coats is recommended.

                               Proper Weather Conditions

Everyone knows you can not paint in the rain, right?  How about the temperature?  Most manufactures like the temperature to be lower than 90 degrees and above the mid-’30s for at least 24 hours.  If paint freezes before it fully dries, then it can lose its ability to cure fully.  

Also, if it rains shortly after the substrate is painted, water can penetrate through the paint, causing bubbles. 

Therefore, it is best not to paint when the chance of rain is above 40% for the next 24 hours.

Klappenberger & Son Is Your Exterior Painting Company in Bethesda 

Not only do we know the ins and outs of painting, but we also have some terrific carpenters.

Whether you have rotten wood trim boards, a loose handrail, or other exterior maintenance projects, we have you covered.  

exterior painting in Bethesda includes replacing rotten wood as shown here
exterior painting company in Montgomery County MD