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No matter the project, Klappenberger & Son wants to get the job done to preserve the history of your building and help in maintaining the longevity of the wood. That’s why we’re passionate about repainting historic buildings in Maryland. This dedication pays off — we’ve even helped the White House and Pentagon maintain their iconic appearances. These prominent establishments trusted us as the state’s top historical building preservation painters for multiple reasons.

Quality Over Quantity

At Klappenberger & Son, we don’t do things halfway. We developed a system that ensures we focus fully on your historical preservation project while we work on it and maintaining low moisture levels to help the paint and materials last. All our Master Painters go through extensive training where they learn expert painting techniques, including painting historic buildings. Our Maryland museum painters will help make your establishment look like it did before it went through wear and age. We invest in the attention and training it takes to put care into every project we undertake.

Accurate to the Original

When we paint your historic building, we preserve as much of the originality as possible. Cleaning, sanding and eliminating sources of moisture come first to keep both old and new elements intact. Then, we match our paint to the original structure’s color and layer coats appropriately to prevent chalking and shrinking. We know what painting products to use for each step. Primers are not all created equal. Some primers come with a 20-year warranty against chipping and pealing. Premium top coats also vary in how long they retain color, and there ability to allow moisture to penetrate and release. Through decades of experience, we have been able to document our processes and refine our practices. Not only will your building look like it did in the past, but it will also continue to look that way in the future.

Exterior and Interior Painting Services

Our services include both exterior and interior painting, so the inside and outside of your building can stay faithful to the original. Choose one or the other, or request the full package. We will treat every part of your structure carefully and keep away from anything you don’t want us to work on. Whether we work outside or inside, we know we’re improving a place where history happened, so we treat it and you with respect. That means we come on time and we clean up after ourselves.

Our Maryland historic preservation painters will carefully work on the outside of your building, including sanding down or removing any damaged parts. If needed, we can fill gaps and replace elements since our team is not only experienced with exterior painting but experienced in carpentry as well. Our carpenters can repair your building while retaining the original historic building’s appearance. We pay utmost attention to the little details, such as accents and paint type to ensure a consistent look. If your building’s exterior has been painted with lead-based products, we know how to remove and repaint it safely.

When we paint the interior of your structure, we consider what was initially used to decorate the wall and start from there. Plaster can crack and retain moisture, so we smooth out and fill any cracks and gaps, then apply bacteria-resistant primer to avoid further moisture stains. If your interior has wallpaper, we will try our best to retain as much of the original design as possible or find a reproduction. No matter what people in the past used to decorate your walls, we can keep your vision in place.

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