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Providing Superior Customer Service is a method not a slogan!

We all know that finding reliable and affordable exterior painters in Alexandria is hard.

Good news.  We are different and it’s not lip service.

We offer Superior Customer Service and a limited Five-Year warranty when we apply two coats of paint premium grade paint. 

Since 1989 we have painted over 30,000 homes, and know what works.  

We have created a two-step process to ensure the longevity of the paint and superior customer service while the painting is taking place. 

What is Superior Customer Service? 


What is Superior Customer Service?

Superior customer service is a policy, a step-by-step checklist we go through on every job.

Klappenberger & Son has a checklist of responsibilities that reduces mistakes and drastically improves quality.   For example, it facilitates communication problems,  respects your home (daily clean-up), and a final inspection after the job. 

Samples of paint are applied before we start painting the exterior of your home.  

As we finish certain areas, we will invite you to take a look.  This will allow you to inspect as we go.  

At the end of each day, we will communicate with you and update our progress.  

When we start a job, we don’t leave and constantly continue with the same crew.   

All crews wear name tags.

Crew leaders and estimators will be your point of contact during the job. 

Superior Customer Service means we provide respect to you and your home and plenty of communication. 

Few If Any Exterior Painters In Alexandria Offer Warranties - We Do!

 4 Reasons we offer a  5-Year Warranty: 

  1. Power washing correctly
  2. Checking moisture content before painting
  3. Apply the right product with the proper amount of coats
  4. Good weather conditions when painting
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Exterior painting in Arlington
Exterior painters in Arlington VA

Exterior Painting in Alexandria: What Makes Us Different?

ecterior painting in Arlington before picture of a brick house
exterior painters in Gaithersburg finish painting this brick home by Klappenberger & Son
Whether you want your brick painted or Lime washed we have you covered.
Power washing in Arlington

Key  Principal #1: Proper Powerwashing

Before we can get started on any exterior painting in Alexandria, we need to properly clean the surface without causing damage.

Improper power washing can lead to significant damage to your home, a risk that can be easily avoided with the right techniques.

We let the chemicals do the work rather than high pressure when power washing or pressure washing your outside. 

First, we clean the house using the proper amount of chemicals that will not damage your plants and not cause too much pressure to damage your substrate.

Don’t worry; these cleaning products will not harm your plants or flowers!

Check out our FAQs about power washing.


Exterior painting in Arlington


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exterior painters in Katy TX should test the moisture content of wood before painting

Key Principal #2.  The Moisture Meter

It isn’t easy to feel any wood and assess whether or not the moisture level is adequate for painting.  And, believe it or not, most painters do not have access to a moisture meter (which measures moisture levels).

This essential tool is just as crucial as paint can opener.

Moisture is the leading cause of paint peeling.

Almost all paint requires the moisture content to be below 16%.

Few exterior painters in Alexandria use or even own moisture.  There are many reasons why paint peels.  However, painting when the surfaces are moist is among the most common.

#3. Exterior Painting in Alexandria:  Choosing One Coat or Two?

In addition to ensuring that the guarantee is kept, two coats of paint will increase the life of your home’s paint job by many years.

The photo on the right shows where someone brushed the perimeter and seams before rolling the outer wall with a roller.

The sections that got two coats of paint had far more paint left than the others.

According to industry norms, the second coat of paint adds about 30-35 percent to the overall cost of the project. When you consider that it has the ability to increase the paint job’s lifespan by 5 years, it is an excellent investment.

The difference between one coat and two
Over time you can see the difference between one coat and two. Notice how the edges were brushed and rolled and the flat areas received just one rolled coat.

#4. Proper Weather Conditions

What is the best season for exterior painting? We get this question a lot.

It is determined by the temperature.

Before painting, it is recommended by manufacturers to allow the temperature to drop below 90 degrees Fahrenheit and rise above the mid-’30s for at least 24 hours. Paint can lose its ability to cure completely if it freezes before it has had a chance to dry fully.

It’s also possible that if it rains soon after the surface has been painted, the moisture will soak through the paint, causing bubbles to form.

Because of this, it’s best to wait a few more days until the chance of rain is less than 30-40 percent for the next 24 hours.

Unfortunately, many painting contractors do not follow this professional standard. Instead , they try to finish it as fast as possible and then go on to the next job.

Given that we offer warranties on our outside painting services, we follow a number of best practices, one of which is paying close attention to the weather.

Klappenberger & Son Is Your One Stop Shop For Both Painting And Handyman Services

Many exterior painters in Alexandria only want to do the painting.  However, Klappenberger & Son wants to be your one-stop shop.

We have 33 years of experience and knowledge to assist you in improving your house and protecting it from the elements.

We can not only help you with painting, but we can also assist you with carpentry and other handyman projects around the house.

This makes us a one-stop shop for all your home improvement needs.

Rotten wood replacement in Alexandria VA
exterior painters in Gaithersburg finished painting home with happy customer

Whether your exterior siding cement board, vinyl, aluminum, brick, or stucco we have additional information ready for you!

Typically we can get a detailed estimate to you within a couple of days.


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We Are Your #1 Exterior Painting Company in Alexandria

Not only do we have a thorough understanding of painting, but we also have some excellent carpenters on staff.

We service all exterior repair work, whether rotting board trim or a loose railing. Contact us now!

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