Remove my popcorn ceiling in the bedroom

Today, it is very common for customers to call and ask if we can remove their popcorn ceilings in the OKC area. 

A British company sprayed the first popcorn ceiling in 1935. Surprisingly, homeowners and builders liked it. Builders liked it because it was cheap and saved building costs, and homeowners liked it because it was different and absorbed sound. 

Today, it is a reason why people won’t buy a home.  In 2024, homeowners are opting to remove it for a cleaner, more modern look.  

According to Curbio, removing a popcorn ceiling not only increases the property value but also removes the threat of asbestos.

What is the Process To Remove the Popcorn Ceiling?

Regardless of who removes the popcorn ceiling it needs to be tested for asbestos if it was applied between 1945- 1990.  

Remove the popcorn ceiling

What is the Cost To Remove the Popcorn Ceiling

The cost of removing a popcorn ceiling varies depending on a few factors.  The chart below details the most common variables that will adjust the cost to remove a popcorn ceiling.

Cost of removing a popcorn ceiling

Cost per sq. ft


If asbestos is present, hire a contractor certified in asbestos removal.






If it is an empty room with an 8’ ceiling and has no coats of paint.


$1.25 per sq. ft

If the room has items to remove. 

+.25 cents per sq. ft

If there is a flat coat of paint

+.25 cents per sq. ft

If the ceiling has a sheen other than flat

+.70 cents per sq. ft

If the ceiling is between 9-10 feet high. 


+.25 cents per sq. ft




Repair ceiling and sand (two skim coats).

$2.25 per sq. ft

Painting:  Includes one primer plus two finish coats.

$1.80 per sq. ft. plus materials



Total cost

$5.55 – $6.75

Oddly, there are other options to get rid of a popcorn ceiling other than scrapping or sanding.  Klappenberger & Son has a small army of carpenters that can either install drywall overtop the existing or, if you want to get fancy, add some beams mixed with tongue and grove wood. 

And of course, we offer complete interior painting and kitchen cabinet painting as well.