Finding The Best Professional House Painters in Nashville: Your Ultimate Guide

Finding the best professional house painters in Nashville, Tennessee, is a breeze when armed with the right questions! Before settling on a painting contractor, ensure you have a checklist of inquiries to determine the most suitable candidate for your project. Here’s what to consider and ask before hiring any house painters in Nashville.

Exploring Paint Quality

Seasoned painters are well-versed in various paint products, understanding which brands and types work best in specific scenarios. To ensure your expectations are met, inquire about the specific paints they utilize.

If you’re sprucing up the exterior of your Nashville residence, it’s essential to know the quality of paint being used. Opting for average or poor-quality paint could signal shortcuts in the process.

The top-notch house painters always opt for premium paints, like Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore, which can enhance the final outcome without increasing costs.

Question 1: What type of paint do you recommend for the exterior of my home?

Estimating Paint Quantity

The number of coats recommended by the painting contractor indicates their dedication to the project’s quality and longevity. While two coats are typically recommended for optimal results and durability, some may opt for just one coat to save time and money.

Paint warranties are not offered by paint manufacturers such as Sherwin Williams and Ben Moore unless two coats of paint are used. For this reason, two coats are required (and it’s not to increase your cost).

Two coats of paint provide a much more durable and attractive appearance. If a house painter can’t justify two coats of paint, then you should find someone who does. A second coat of paint can be the difference between the paint on the exterior of your home lasting 3-5 years or 7-10 years. 

Question 2: How many coats of paint do you recommend for the exterior of my home?

Promar Ceiling Paint Coverage
Adding A second Coat Costs Only About 35% More!

The price for applying a second coat of paint usually increases by only around 35% compared to a single coat. This is due to the preparation work already being completed!

If your Nashville house painters recommend applying only one coat, it’s a cause for concern. To maximize the longevity of your exterior paint job, a reputable painting contractor will advise you to use two coats.

Knowledge And Experience Can’t Be Faked

To find the top house painter in Nashville, look for someone with the right expertise, integrity, and dedication to deliver exceptional results. Painting goes beyond just applying paint; it involves using proper techniques for the best outcome.

Advancements in paint technology and product research have made painting more complex. Skilled painters are well-versed in these developments and can expertly handle your project.

While longevity doesn’t guarantee the best choice, a painting company with many years in the industry indicates stability and reliability. With the paint industry evolving regularly, long standing companies have proven their ability to adapt and offer top-notch service.

These companies are usually well-equipped with the necessary tools, materials, and skilled professionals to handle a wide range of painting projects effectively.

Additionally, their longevity may also suggest financial stability, which is crucial for ensuring that they can complete the job without any unexpected issues.

Knowing which primers, topcoats, and application techniques to use is critical to getting the most out of any painting job.

Investment in Quality Tools

Professional painters rely on specialized tools like moisture meters to assess wood moisture levels, crucial for exterior painting projects. Excessive moisture content can lead to premature paint peeling, underscoring the importance of proper assessment and preparation.

If the moisture content of the wood is more than 16%, the paint will peel prematurely no matter what type of prep work you do or products you use.

That makes this a great question to ask a painting contractor you are considering hiring!

Question 3: Do you use a moisture meter, and what’s the maximum allowable moisture level before applying primer and topcoats?

Reviewing References and Reviews

There are numerous advantages to reviewing a painting contractor’s references and feedback:

The most reliable painting company typically garners the highest number of positive references and reviews.

Checking a potential painting contractor’s references provides insight into their work performance, particularly in resolving any issues.

This information helps evaluate the company’s credibility and suitability for your painting project.

Reach out to previous clients in Nashville to inquire about the quality of work done. It’s crucial to gather feedback from recent and past customers to ensure consistent high-quality work.

A recent client will be able to tell you whether they arrived on time, if the work was tidy, and if the painted lines were straight. 

However, the most important thing to know is whether or not the paint job will last for many years!

Old references of at least 5 years or more will be able to answer the most important question: will this paint job last?

Question 4: Will you provide recent and older references?

Verification of Insurance and Licensing

The top house painters in Nashville are licensed and insured. Hiring a painting contractor without these essential components can lead to various risks during your project. Damage to your property, whether intentional or accidental, could leave you responsible for covering the costs. To avoid such situations, it’s crucial to choose a professional painting company that is licensed and insured.

  • Insurance not only safeguards your home but also protects the painting contractor’s employees.
  • In case of any injuries to workers while working on your property, you wouldn’t want to be held liable for any medical expenses. This emphasizes the importance of hiring a licensed and insured professional.  


Before commencing the painting project, it’s advisable to request a Certificate of Insurance (COI) from the contractor. This document, issued directly by the insurance company, ensures the authenticity of the information provided.

  • Painting contractors should be licensed by the state and sometimes by the county. You can easily verify their licensure by requesting their contractor number, often found on their website.


Proof of licensure and insurance signifies the professionalism and readiness of your potential house painter in the Nashville area to deliver a quality job!

Question 5: Can you provide your license number, and could your insurance company send a Certificate of Insurance (COI)?

Look For Warranties On Painting Projects

Many painting contractors provide limited warranties for their services, typically lasting only a year or two. While this approach may be suitable in some cases, it falls short when you aim to preserve your home’s condition over the long term.

While many contractors offer limited warranties, it’s advantageous to seek extended warranties to safeguard your investment. Klappenberger & Son, for instance, offers five to ten-year warranties, reflecting their commitment to customer satisfaction and quality assurance. Check out the details here.

Warranties in the painting and handyman sectors can sometimes pose challenges. While some small businesses promise warranties on their services, they may not follow through with fixing any issues that arise.

When engaging services for your property, it’s advisable to ask about warranties.

Question 6: What type of warranty do you offer, and does it cover both labor and materials?

5-10 year warranty on painting

Searching for skilled house painters in Nashville, Tennessee who meet all your requirements?

Here are Klappenberger & Son’s answers to the six crucial questions you should ask before hiring any painting company:

  1. Our franchisees always recommend premium quality paints from Sherwin Williams, Ben Moore, PPG, and Fine Paints of Europe.
  2. For optimal results, we recommend applying two coats of paint unless you are just refreshing the existing paint.
  3. We use moisture meters to assess wood moisture content; if it exceeds 16%, there is a high probability of premature paint peeling.
  4. With over 30 years of experience, Klappenberger & Son has a vast portfolio of references to support our expertise.
  5. All franchisees are fully licensed and insured.
  6. We provide 5-10-year warranties.

If you’re seeking professional house painters in Nashville, Tennessee, Klappenberger & Son ticks all the boxes, ensuring premium quality, thoroughness, and customer satisfaction.

With over 30 years of experience and a commitment to excellence, they’re ready to transform your Nashville home. Contact them today for a free quote!