Professional Review Of C2 Luxe Matte

David Klappenberger, the founder of Klappenberger & Son, goes deep to provide an in-depth professional review of C2 Luxe Matte Finish is a premium grade paint.  The paint is manufactured in New England, and they do things a little differently, and it is all for the better.

C2 Luxe Matte Finish is professionally reviewed by Klappenberger & Son

                                                                                                               Retails for $73.00

C2 Luxe paint uses tints that do not include black

The first thing they do differently is, they do not use black pigment in their tints.  This is because black absorbs light and hinders the ability to get the brightest, truest, most accurate colors.

Secondly, they have large poster size samples of all their colors.  This elevates the process of buying quarts of paint to sample on walls.  This saves time, money and helps the environment.

As the founder of Klappenberger & Son, I have been a professional painting contractor for over 30 years and have evaluated Luxe Matte finish for its:

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  • coverage
  • workability
  • washability
  • durability
  • odor
  • splatter
  • value

C2 Luxe Matte finish retails for $73.00.  That is a lot of money for a single gallon of paint, but it comes with many qualities.

C2 Paint can be purchased at many independent paint stores across the country.  In the Central MD area, Maryland Paint carries a full line of all C2 Products.


 I found the paint to brush with ease.  When rolled, I was getting my 9” ½ nap roller to spread paint about 27 square feet per dip in the pan.  That is about 8 more feet than most paints! The overall coverage after the first coat was excellent.  The C2 Luxe Matte finish did require a second coat, but that is always the case when changing colors or sheens.

The amount of square footage I painted from a single gallon was also 25% more than what I expected from a typical gallon of paint.  Most typical size bedrooms require a second-gallon purchase, but there is a reasonable chance that only one gallon of C2 Luxe Matte finish could be enough.

Washability & Durability of C2 Luxe Matte Finish 

Klappenberger & Son applied mustard, catsup, crayon, pencil, coffee, and red wine on the C2 Luxe Matte finish and allowed it to dry completely. It was cleaned with Krud Kutter and a micro-cloth.  After 2:11 of hard wiping, all the stains came off except the faintest of mustard stain.   For a matte finish, that is very impressive!

After the wall dried,  that was no burnishing or alteration to the cleaned areas.  The C2 Luxe Matte finish proved to be very durable.

C2 Luxe Matte finish has catsup and mustard stains that have sat on the wall for 24 Hours                    A professional review of C2 Luxe Matte Finish is washable and durable


C2 Luxe Matte finish is a low odor paint and has the familiar smell of most low VOC paints -not that much.


Very little.  But I would use a drop cloth, especially painting over a grand piano.

Conclusion: A Professional Review of C2 Luxe Matte Finish

C2 Luxe Matte Finish painted on walls by Klappenberger & Son

C2 Luxe Matte Value – The cost is determined by the value and its capabilities.  At $73.00 per gallon, it needs to be able to do a lot more than look pretty.   If the square ft coverage is 25% better than standard paint, then you could argue that the C2 Luxe Matte is 25% cheaper than the price tag.  This would lower C2 Luxe Matte at a per-gallon price of $54.75.

Furthermore, C2 comes with poster size paint chips.  The large samples take the place of buying quarts of paint at $25.00 each.  These free samples can save you significant time and money and further increase the value of choosing the C2 Luxe Matte finish.