In need of a dependable Nashville, TN Painter?

The painting industry can be a bit wild and unpredictable. Whether your painting project involves sprucing up kitchen cabinets, a total interior makeover, or a fresh exterior finish, you deserve a blend of reliability, quality, and affordability.

Here at Klappenberger & Son, we understand these necessities, offering them as standard, coupled with a 5-10 year warranty upon applying two coats of paint.

When it comes to painting your living space, you want the cream of the crop from Nashville’s painting companies. You deserve a company that consistently delivers outstanding results. The question then becomes: among the plethora of painting services in Nashville, TN, which one will exceed your expectations?

Kitchen cabinet painting in Nashville

Choosing A Professional Painting Company

Choosing the right painter is akin to selecting the right doctor – you want to ensure they possess the right skills and expertise. When it comes to painting your home in Nashville, TN, you need a painter who gets it right the first time. That painter is none other than Klappenberger and Son Painting and Handyman Experts!

Choosing Klappenberger & Son for your upcoming painting project in Nashville is a smart decision that will leave a lasting impression!

If you’re in search of a trustworthy and reliable painter in Nashville, look no further! We’re not ones to brag, but we are the right painting contractor for the job. When it comes to adding color to your home, you want a top-notch painting company that consistently delivers outstanding results. Numerous painting companies operate in Nashville, but how can you make sure you’ve chosen the one that will exceed your expectations?

We Build Our Reputation From Hiring Only The Best Nashville Painters

Since 1989, Klappenberger & Son has established itself as a trusted business, earning hundreds of 5-star reviews on platforms such as Google and Facebook. Not just good, our reputation is absolutely stellar! We’ve staked our reputation on our painting and handyman capabilities, positioning ourselves as some of the most proficient painting experts in Nashville, TN.

Over the course of the past nine years, we have forged a strong partnership with EPSCO Industries, a trusted third-party firm. Through their dedicated efforts, thousands of customer calls have been made on our behalf, ensuring exceptional service and support for our valued clients. Their evaluations have given us an impressive 93-95% A+ grade consistently. And of course, a huge thank you to our exceptional painters in Nashville, TN. We are truly fortunate to have such talent on board.

Trusted Painting Experts You Can Rely On

Our commitment to executing every detail with perfection is what has allowed us to earn loyal repeat business and receive glowing recommendations.

Sure, doing things right does require additional time and effort, but just like you, we believe that investing extra time and effort into your Nashville, TN home painting project is totally worth it.

Statistically speaking, a remarkable 70% of our clients consistently come back for additional work year after year.

This is a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship our crew brings to the table.

We are deeply thankful to our customers, or as we like to call them – friends, for placing their faith in us for their painting, handyman, and remodeling projects throughout the greater Nashville area.

Demonstrating unwavering dedication to our work and consistently exceeding expectations are fundamental to the core values upheld by Klappenberger & Son.

Being the trusted painting expert you can rely on is what we strive to be every single day.

No Surprises, Our Prices Are Fixed

When you get an estimate from us, that’s exactly what you pay.

Have you ever experienced the frustration of dealing with a painter in Nashville, TN who initially provides a low quote, only to ask for more money halfway through the job? 

Well, we at Klappenberger and Son don’t operate that way.

We don’t hide any charges or adjust our quote because we underestimated the work involved. Unless the project changes, the price you’re quoted initially is the price you’ll pay on completion. That’s our guarantee.

Wondering what happens if you want to add work to the project?

We know it’s common for customers to want more work done as they see their remodeling project shape up, inspired by platforms like Pinterest or HGTV.

We’re always up for discussing any extra work you’d like to incorporate, giving you a quote for it, and then providing the extra services you need once you’re ready to proceed.

Rest assured, we always let you know the price before we expand the scope of your project..

Salesperson working for klappenberger & Son talking to a customer

Warranty = Peace Of Mind

Klappenberger & Son provides a wide range of exceptional warranties for various projects in the vibrant city of Nashville, TN. Experience the peace of mind with our three-year guarantee covering essential aspects such as plumbing, tile, electrical, and fixtures for all your bathroom remodeling requirements.

Moreover, we extend a five-year warranty on painting your kitchen cabinets, a 10-year warranty on interior painting, along with several exteriors painting warranties.

Our warranties are thoughtfully crafted to provide you with the assurance that any issues will be promptly resolved without incurring any additional expenses. Rest easy knowing that we’ve got you covered!

We take great pride in being one of the select few Nashville, TN based Painters that provide extensive warranties like Klappenberger & Son. As part of the Nashville community, we are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. Rest assured, if the paint begins to peel even four years down the line, we will rectify the issue without any charges.

A+ Team

Our professionals in Nashville, TN are renowned for their unmatched expertise, setting the gold standard in the industry. At Klappenberger & Son, we only hire individuals who have a solid foundation in painting because we understand the complexity and skills required. Each team member is certified, trained, experienced, and excels in all things painting.

Our painting specialists have undergone comprehensive training and they bring a vast amount of experience to the field. All our technicians have at least five years of experience, and in many cases, over a decade’s worth. Upon joining our team, they undergo the rigorous “Klappenberger & Son Best Practice Training” to ensure they are well-equipped to handle any job.

We believe it is our exceptional team and our dedication to “Best Practice Training” that makes Klappenberger & Son the chosen painting service in Nashville, TN.

What Does A Nashville Painter Such As Klappenberger & Son Charge?

Whether you’re purchasing a new home, selling your current one, or simply looking for a change of scenery in Nashville, TN, we recognize the importance of cost.

That’s why we’ve developed a custom room painting calculator just for you.

While it may not provide an exact cost, it offers a pretty accurate estimate of the price.

In using our calculator, you’ll realize that Klappenberger & Son’s pricing is not merely a shot in the dark, but a precise calculation based on the square footage of your Nashville home.

Our estimating Price guide presents highly competitive prices that are usually within 5% of the anticipated time and material cost.

By choosing Klappenberger & Son Painting and Handyman Experts for your Nashville home, you’re assured of first-rate painting services at a fantastic value.

Why not give it a go and see for yourself?

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