House Painting Project In Miami? It's Time!

Choosing a professional painting company for your next House Painting Project in Miami can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

We understand that it is an unreliable industry fraught with frustration. 

At Klappenberger & Son, we set out to change that. 

If you have a house painting project in Miami, you are probably looking for 3 things: price, timing, and quality.  

Here is a bit about us and how we can serve your next house painting project in Miami.

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We are ready to do your next house painting project in Miami!

Trust The Reviews

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Klappenberger & Son has been in business since 1989. We have hundreds of 5-Star reviews on review sites that you can check out, like Google and Facebook. Over the last nine years, we’ve worked with a third-party firm called EPSCO Industries to make thousands of calls to our customers. They have given us a 93-95% A+ grade in all of their evaluations throughout the years.

Trust: A Key Factor In Your Next House Painting Project in Miami

We wouldn’t get repeat business and recommendations if we weren’t doing all of the little things correctly.

As you already know, doing things correctly takes more time and effort.

And, probably like you, we feel that investing time and effort is worthwhile.

Every year, over 70% of our clients return for additional work.

Following through and exceeding expectations are core principles of Klappenberger & Son.

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No Surprises

When you receive an estimate, the price is fixed. We won’t sneak in any hidden charges. We will not change our price because we underestimated the scope of work. If the project does not change, you will receive the same price at the end of the job as you did when you accepted your original quote.

What if you would like to add some work and expand the scope?

It is not unusual for a customer to add work to a typical remodeling project. Many people find inspiration from Pinterest or HGTV as the project unfolds. No problem! We will be happy to give you a price before expanding the scope of your project.

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5-10 year warranty on painting

       Warranties Bring Peace Of Mind

Klappenberger & Son provides a variety of warranties for various jobs. For bathroom remodeling, the plumbing, tile, electrical, and fixtures are all covered by a three-year warranty.

In addition to remodeling, we offer a five-year warranty on painting kitchen cabinets, a 10-year warranty on interior painting, and a variety of exterior painting warranties.

Warranties provide you with peace of mind that we will repair it for no additional charge!

When You Need A House Painting Project in Miami Completed, You Deserve An Experienced Crew.

Our team of professionals is unrivaled in the industry. We don’t hire people without prior expertise. There’s just too much of a learning curve.

All of our techs have at least five years of experience, and often, ten years or more. Once hired, the “Klappenberger & Son Best Practice Training” begins. 

We believe it is our fantastic team of techs and “Best Practice Training” that is the reason why so many people choose Klappenberger & Son in Florida. 

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Find Out Now What Your Next Interior House Painting Project in Miami Will Cost

Whether you are buying a home or selling a home or are just ready for a fresh look, price matters.

That is why we created a room painting calculator

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to give an exact price, however it does give you a pretty good idea of the cost.  

In addition to getting a quick ballpark idea, you also understand that Klappenberger & Son is calculating the price accurately, based on square footage and not a wild guess.

Our estimating Price guide offers very fair prices that tend to be within 5% of the expected time and material cost of the actual estimate. 

When you choose Klappenberger & Son Painting and Handyman Experts, you can rest assured that you’re getting top-notch painting services at a great value.

Check out our for yourself!

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At Klappenberger & Son, our goal is to provide you with the best painting results that you’ve ever seen in Miami every time you work with us! We’ve built our reputation on customer satisfaction when it comes to painting Miami homes, which is why so many customers return year after year when they need painting help in Miami Beach.

We are ready for your next painting project in Miami! Call us today at 786-977-2900 or request an estimate online.