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What Ben Moore White Semi-gloss Covers The Best?

Knowing what Ben Moore White Semi-gloss covers the best can save you the hassle of applying additional coats.  The paints below vary in price between $30.00 and $70.00.

Paint can of Ben Moore Advance Semi-gloss
Interior painting contractors near me prefer to use Advance for kitchen cabinets
Aura Paint Can. Which Ben Moore White Semi-gloss covers the best. Aura?
Interior Painting contractors near me also like to use Aura for its perceived coverage.
Interior painting companies like mine have used Regal Select for decades.
Ben Moore Command
Command is Ben Moore's most recent product. It is both an interior and exterior paint
Ben Moore Ben paint can
Painting contractors will frequently use Ben when cost and coverage are both important.
Scuff-X is often used in high traffic areas, but how well does it cover?
Can of Ultra Spec paint to help determine which white semi-gloss paint covers the best
Painting contractors and DIYer will typically choose Ultra Spec 500 when cost is the most important factor.

           Do you get what you pay for with Ben Moore Paints when it comes to coverage? 

Aura Paint Can. Which Ben Moore White Semi-gloss covers the best. Aura?
Aura is Ben Moore's most expensive paint. It retails for about $84.00
Can of Ultra Spec paint to help determine which white semi-gloss paint covers the best
Ultra-Spec 500 retails for less than half of what Aura costs. Retail price around $40.00

Why Do We Care Which Ben Moore Semi Covers The Best?

Are you a painting contractor that swears by a particular brand of Ben Moore semigloss? Perhaps you buy Aura because it goes on so easily and covers great.  But is it the best!  It certainly is the most expensive. 

But what if washability and durability were not necessary.  Furthermore, the surface has previous brush and roller marks, so self-leveling was not required.  The only concern is coverage.  As a painting contractor, I can think of multiple opportunities where coverage is the top priority. 

When Paint Coverage Matters

For example, when a customer is selling a home, you need something to cover the trim in one coat. 

If there is a slight color change, and you want to try to get one coat coverage. 

Whether you are a painting contractor or a DIYer, you probably have not had the time to test 7 different BM white semi-gloss paints.  

The Test

I applied 7 different white semi-gloss paints as evenly as possible on 3 different backdrops.  The 3 backdrops were an off-white, mid-tone, and dark brown.  Each backdrop had a one coat and two coat sample.  Six judges independently looked at all 42 samples to see which ones covered best in 2 coats.

edited 2
Jon Anderson judging which Ben Moore White Semi covers the best
Which Ben Moore white semi covered the best? Ben Moore Ben
Ben Moore Ben Covered better than all other white semi paints from Ben Moore.
Command Satin Finish covered the worst
I understand that it is difficult to see the difference from these close-up photos. But all 6 judges unanimously, and quickly judged Command as worst coverage.

The Results

The judges were only looking at white samples of different paint.  In other words, it was a blind test.  In addition, I asked some of the judges not to touch the samples because I didn’t want them to identify the paint by feel. 

  All judges score Ben Semi-gloss as the best-covering paint.  Yes, better than Advance, Aura, and Regal. 

Furthermore, all judges scored Ben Moore Command as the worst for coverage.

Ben Moore White Semi-gloss Paints Over Dark Color

Which Ben Moore White semi covers the best over a dark color. the chart show Ben does

Ben Moore White Semi-gloss Paints Over Mid-Tone Color

What Can We Conclude About Which Ben Moore Semi Covers The Best?

While some paints scores were all over the place, such as Scuff X over a mid-tone color, others paints scored very consistently.  

Whether you are a painting contractor or a DIYer, it’s smart to know which paint covers the best. 

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