Promar 200 can flat
Retail Price $72.29 Whole Sale price $30.00
SW SuperPaint Flat
List Price: $60.49 Sale Price: $45.37
Cashmere flat paint can
List Price: $60.49 - $65.49 Sale Price: $45.37 - $49.12
What interior flat paint covers the best is why we tested this can of Duration
Retail: $69.99 Sale Price: $52.49
What interior flat covers the best? We tested this can of Emerald Flat
List Price: $74.49 Sale Price: $55.87

I am honestly surprised this isn’t searched for more on the internet.  What Sherwin Williams flat paint covers the best is something that homeowners and contractors should want to know.  

If you are selling your house and need to get rid of those none neutral colors reducing the number of coats is your number one priority.

Most people would assume that the more expensive paints would have the best coverage.

Recently, I did a test on what Sherwin Williams semi-gloss paints cover the best.  I sampled the same brands listed above.

The semi-gloss with the best hide-ability (coverage) was Cashmere Mid Luster.  

How Did I Determine Which SW Flat Paint Covers The Best?

The test was simply to apply straight white paint out of the can over a dark blue wall.  I allowed 24 hours in between coats before applying a second coat.

The rollers were brand new 1/2 Purdy roller covers for each paint.  All the roller cover were brand new.  

I applied two samples of paint from each brand just to make sure the results were consistent. 


First Place

Prom200 Flat covered substantially better than the other four flat paints.   Over the dark blue wall cover it nearly covered 100%.  Perhaps if I added a couple drops of black pigment it would have.

Promar 200 Eggshell also tested very well.

Second Place

Superpaint Flat had only slightly better coverage over Cashmere, Duration and Emerald.  It will certainly need a third coat to cover, but should cover easily.

Third 4th and 5th Place

There was very little difference in coverage between Cashmere, Duration, and Emerald.  I certainly wouldn’t buy one over the other based on coverage.  However, the workability of these paints was much better than SuperPaint and Promar 200.    

There are other SW paints I also could have tried  Emerald Designer Flat was a Sherwin Williams paint I reviewed and found the coverage to be fantastic.