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How Can I Find the Best House Painters in Fairfax Virginia?

How Can I Find the Best House Painters in Fairfax Virginia? Finding the best house painters in Fairfax, VA is as easy as knowing what questions to ask. Let’s review a few questions that you should ask any painting contractor that you are thinking about hiring. Their answers should help

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Emerald Urethane Satin Paint Review

Emerald Urethane is Sherwin Williams’ top of the line paint, but is it a good value?   At a retail cost of $90.00 and a sale price of $60.00, what exactly are you getting that is different from less expensive paint? In order to be as objective as possible, I

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ProClassic waterborne Satin
Kitchen Cabinet Painting

SW ProClassic Waterbased Acrylic Alkyd Paint: A Pro’s Review

ProClassic Interior Waterbased Acrylic-Alkyd Sherwin Williams has many different grades and sheen of paints.  The multitude of different paints is to satisfy the marketplace for various purposes.    Some paints have a lower odor or even absorb smells.     So what is the purpose of SW ProClassic Satin Water-based Acrylic

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red painted door
Exterior Painting

How To Paint Your Front Door

How To Paint A Front Door – Easy Tips and Pro Secrets Want to learn how to paint a front door, but you aren’t quite sure where to start?  We’ve got your solution! Check out David’s video on painting your front door, with all of the tips and tricks from

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How To Get Rid of Army Worms

How Do You Get Rid of Army Worms…and Can They Destroy Your Yard? Transcript Below Hi, I’m here at Arundel County Farm Lawn and Garden Center, right off Jumpers Hole Road with Corey Stephens. Corey is the owner of this fine establishment.  He’s an expert on army worms.   If

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