Behr Dynasty Semi-gloss: A Pro's Review 2023

Paint can of Behr Dynasty

Is Behr Dynasty Semi-Gloss A Good Value?

Dynasty is Home Depot’s most premium grade Behr paint.  It retails for about $68.00 in 2023.  But how does it compare to other premium paints such as Sherwin Williams Emerald or Ben Moore Aura?

Only one way to find out, and that is to test!

General information about Dynasty from Behr’s Website.

Stain repellent: Help keep stains at bay, minimizing penetration.

Scuff resistant: Advanced durability helps guard your painted surfaces from changes in appearance due to everyday wear.

Fast drying: Painted surfaces are tack-free and won’t stick together within four hours of painting.

One-coat hide: Guaranteed one-coat hide in over 1,000 colors.

Factors To Determine If Behr Dynasty Is A Good Value

Klappenberger & Son Employee painting kitchen cabinets
  • Workability

  • Washability

  • Coverage

  • Durability

  • Self-Leveling

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Klappenberger & Son Employee using Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane


Workability can be evaluated in three different ways.

First, I measure how far it spreads with one dip of a brush in the can. To the best of my ability, I dip my paintbrush 1 inch into the paint can and see how far I can make it go. If I can paint for at least 24 inches, I grade it a 9.  If I can have it spread over 30 inches, I grade it a 10.

Secondly, how easy does Behr Dynasty Spread?  In other words, is it easy to work with?

Finally, what is the working time for Behr Dynasty Semi-gloss?

Spreadability – 30 inches, which gives Behr Dynasty a ten.

Ease of Use – Above average. The slight frustration I have with Dynasty is that it sets up faster than I want. It can be difficult to paint a 6 panel door with Dynasty when the paint begins to get sticky. However, It spreads easier that Ben Moore Advance and Aura but not as smoothly as Emerald Urethane  and PPG UltraLast.  

Working Time of Behr Dynasty? – Under normal conditions, Emerald has a working time of 30 seconds, which can be challenging when painting doors.  

How far does it spread? – A one-inch dip spreads 32-36 inches, which is very good.

How easy is it to spread? – good, not great.  About average compared to other premium brands

Working time?– Behr Dynasty starts getting uncooperative in about 45 seconds.

Overall Workability of : score 8 

Behr Dynasty Semi-Gloss Coverage

Behr Dynasty has one coat coverage as long as you choose one of their 1,000 colors.  While white is not one of those guaranteed to cover in one coat, it does cover better than most white semi-glosses. 

It is certainly worth mentioning that bright white paints have never covered well, however, this semi-gloss white is whiter than most and covers very well. 

Dynasty Coverage 10  

Behr Dynasty Semi-gloss Washability

This semi-gloss has a nice smooth, hard shell finish.  It is durable and proven to handle the stains that were applied. All of my product reviews have had the same products applied.

  • Coffee (most straightforward stain to come off)
  • Red wine
  • Mustard (the most challenging stain)
  • Catsup
  • Pencil
  • Crayon

Behr Dynasty Semi-gloss claims to be stain resistant, and essentially, it was. However, even though most of the stains came off very quickly, the mustard stains held on.

Is it as stain resistant as it claims?


When I applied the catsup, it repelled the paint. Whate er the chemicals that dry on top, leaves a very smooth shell that can avoid most stains.

Washability 9.5

How Well Does Behr Dynasty Semi-Gloss Self Level?

It self-levels very much the same as many cabinet-grade paints do. 

This paint has excellent self-leveling, but it could still be improved by adding a latex extender or conditioner.

However, do not roll it if self-leveling is essential. 

In addition to seeing a noticeable difference, I could quickly feel the texture of the paint caused by the roller nap. 

Self Leveling 10

                          Is Behr Dynasty Semi-Gloss A Good Value?

Premium grade paints like Emerald from SW can cost as much as $92.00 a gallon.  

Fortunately, Behr Dynasty costs $65.00 and reflects closer to Ben Moore’s Advance at $67.00,  and Aura’s, costing  $71.00.

With a $65.00 per gallon price tag, the expectations are high.

In addition to the price, I want to factor in all of the tests and see how it stacks up to other comparable or lesser paints in cost.

Whether you are a painting contractor or a homeowner, applying one coat instead of two is a huge time savor.    

Furthermore, applying one coat instead of two saves paint costs. 


Where would I suggest using Behr Dynasty Semi-Gloss? 

  • When you want a brilliant white paint
  • Smooth Wood Doors
  • Mantles
  • Built-ins / furniture
  • Where washability is very important
  • Where quality is more important than low price

How Does Behr Dynasty Compare To Other Premium Paints?

Emerald Semi-gloss retails for $108.00 in 2023
Emerald Urethane retails for $108.00 in 2023
Ben Moore Aura Semi-gloss
Retails for about $95.00
UltraLast Paint Gallon
Ultralast retails for about $60.00
Behr Dynasty Semi-gloss
Behr Dynasty retails for $68.00 in 2023

All four of these excellent paints have the same purposes, with two exceptions.  First  Aura is not recommended for kitchen cabinets, and Ultralst and Emerald can be used both inside and out. 

Finish – they all have a nice smooth finish except Emerald.  If you are like me and like to touch trim and feel how smooth it is, Emerlad can feel a little like shark skin.  The other 3 paints feel as smooth as glass when sanded in-between coats.

Washability and Durability wise, they are all excellent!

Workability – Dynasty was my least favorite to work with because it drags. The other paints glide on easily.

Coverage – Emerald and UltraLast cover good, not great. Aura, And Dynasty have excellent coverage. 

The price for each paint needs no explanation. 

Thanks For Learning Aout Behr Dynasty Semi-Gloss!

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