Behr One Coat Coverage Test

The Ultimate Coverage Test Challange

Behr Dynasty Matte

The Behr One Coat Coverage Guarantee states that if any of their 1,000 colors are applied, it will hide or cover the previous color in one coat.   

The Behr one coat coverage guarantee only has a few stipulations.

First, you will need to prime any bare surfaces or surfaces with tannins and water stains. 

Secondly, exterior surfaces should get two coats, regardless of coverage issues, for maximum protection.

Finally, you have to use Behr Dynasty paint or Marquee.  

These stipulations are not a big ask.  

The Behr One Coat Guarrantee Coverage Test #1

In the first test, we want to see if the dark color can cover the light color in one coat? And can the light color cover the dark color in one coat?

cracked peppercorn sample.
Cracked Peppercorn PPU18-01 is one of the 1,000 colors that guarantees one coat hide.
Is the Behr one coat guarantee real?
A close inspection of the results was not needed. It was easy to see, in both cases, neither paint was able to cover or hide the previous color in one coat.
Etched Glass MQ3-27 is another of the one of the 1,000 colors that guarantees one coat hide.

Berh One Coat Coverage Results

The paint brush ( index finger) covered 100%. However, the the left side (pinky) was rolled and clearly needed a second coat.
Behr one coat guarantee coverage failed with this test
The dark Cracked Peppercorn color is still visible after one coat of Etched Glass.

Behr One Coat Coverage Test #2

I painted over a previous painting experiment where I tested how well white semi-gloss paints, such as Aura, Dynasty and Behr grade cabinet paint, were covered by a mid-tone blue.

The fact that I was expecting Behr Tranquil Gray to cover four different colors and multiple sheens in one coat sounded like an extreme  challenge. 

The color (Tranquil Gray) and the challenge.
Although it is difficult to see in the photo, the matte finish Tranquil Gray did cover over white semi-gloss in one coat.

Behr One Coat Coverage #3

Glass Sapphire Behr One Coat Guarantee coverage
Can Dynasty Glass Sapphire Eggshell cover Behr Etched Glass Matte in one coat?
Answer: Yes, it can!

Conclusions From The Behr One Coat Coverage Guarantee

As of 8/25/2022, I am unaware of any acrylic or waterborne paint that covers anywhere as well as Behr Dynasty and Marquee. If your question is who has the best coverage, Behr Dynasty or Marquee is your answer. 

Though some of these colors cover in one coat, which is impressive, some don’t.   

I would factor two coats if I were painting over a satin sheen or shinier.  

If I needed to paint a light color over a dark color, I would assume it would require two coats. 

One final note: The brushing covered better than the rolling. For me, it has always been the reverse.

Behr One Coat Guarantee? Sometimes

Applied Products

One coat coverage


Cracked pepper over off white.   


Etched glass over Cracked Peppercorn


Tranquil Gray Eggshell over different paint colors


Tranquil Gray Eggshell over white semi-gloss


Glass Sapphire over off-white flat