The Best Brand Of Paint in 2023

What is the best paint brand can be difficult when we have over 975 paint manufacturers making many paints.   

However, I have tested and used hundreds of brands and have evaluated many of them on my YouTube Channel.

If you ask a dozen painters, “what is the best brand of paint”  you will likely get about 8-10 different answers.  Sometimes, it is just a personal preference; other times, there is data to back it up.

Any of the top brands listed below are excellent paints and, if applied correctly, will last for many years. 


                              No One Has  Monopoly on The Best Paint


The Best Interior Paint for Ceilings?

There are four critical factors when choosing the best ceiling paint.   

Coverage is definitely at the top of the list.  Painting ceilings is no fun, and applying an extra coat is a pain in the neck and your wallet and takes spare time. 

Secondly, when choosing the best paint for your ceiling, you will want a true flat paint.   Even the slightest sheen can show roller marks and ceiling imperfections.  

Thirdly, you want the paint to have little or no splatter.  It would be best to cover the furniture regardless, but you don’t need the color spitting in your eye.  

Finally, cost obviously will play into the equation of what to buy.  

For a detailed review of each ceiling paint, visit Who Has The Best Ceiling Paint on my youtube channel!

1st place – Ben Moore Ceiling Paint

2nd Place – PPG Speedhide Flat

3rd Place –  Promar 200 Ceiling Paint.

Ben Moore Ceiling paint has the best coverage, however it was the most expensive.

They were all equally as flat and had the same amount of splatter. 

Best Interior Wall Paint

What interior flat covers the best? We tested this can of Emerald Flat
Sherwin Williams Emerald Flat
Who has the best brand of interior paint
Ben Moore Aura Matte
PPG Semi-Gloss UltraLast
PPG Ultralast Matte
Behr Dynasty Matte
Behr Dynasty Matte

Keep in mind that all of these paint brands are excellent.  They are all premium-grade paints, and the prices vary between $60.00 Behr Dynasty and Emerald $85.00.  Which paint brands are the best if the price is not an issue?  After testing each paint the same way, I found slight differences between the groups.

All of the brands of paint listed above had excellent washability and scuff resistance.  Just a few years ago, flat and matte finishes had limited washability.  Today, most premium flat and matte paints have similar washability to eggshell paints.  


  1. PPG Ultralast…$59.70
  2. Behr Dynasty…$59.98
  3. SW Emerald…..$85.49
  4. BM Aura………. $98.00


  1. Dynasty
  2. Emerald
  3. Aura
  4. UltraLast

Workability 2-way Tie

  1. Emerald /  Aura

     3. UltraLast

     4. Dynasty

Washability 4-way Tie

  1. UltraLast /  Dynasty/ Aura / Emerald 

Who Has The Best Wall Paint?

If coverage and price are the most important, then Dynasty is your best choice.  

For overall smoothness of finish and durability, and the price was your highest priority, I’d choose UltraLast. 

If you are considering buying Emerald or Aura flat or matte finish, you won’t be disappointed except for the price.

In short, these are all excellent brands of paint.