Is Duration Satin a Good Value in 2023?  Yes, and here’s why.


Duration Satin Finish is a second tier premium paint from Sherwin Williams.

It is well known for its moisture resistance and its durability.  Because of these qualities, it is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, and other high traffic areas.

It is a moderately expensive paint.  Its sale price is $59.00, and it retails for $80.49 (2023 prices)



About the judge and jury

David Klappenberger, Founder of Klappenberger & Son
All around good guy

My name is David Klappenberger, and I am the founder of Klappenberger & Son.  I was a painting contractor for over 30 years, and now I am the franchisor of Klappenberger & Son.  I’ve tested over 40 different paints and do so in the same way. 

I will evaluate the paint by looking at the Price + Coverage + Washability + Touch-up + Self Priming + Durability + Workability = Value.

As contractors, we get the paint for much less than the retail I have factored this into the value as well. 

Coverage of Duration Satin

Duration Satin Coverage by Sherwin Williams

Duration did not cover any better Promar 200 Eggshell.  That wasn’t very reassuring.  If you wanted to avoid applying a second coat, Duration is not your best option.  Sherwin Williams Cashmere covers better ($55-$70.00), and Emerald has even better coverage than Cashmere!  Unfortunately,  Emerald Retails for $108.00 per gallon, so prepare to pay.

Even though I wasn’t impressed with the first coat coverage, it covered easily in two coats. If any paint covers a different color in two coats, it automatically gets a 10.

Grade 10 out of 10


Workability of Duration Satin 

Duration Satin paint glided over the primer and itself with ease.  When the second coat was applied, there was no difference in workability.

I was able to easily able to cut-in the wall for about 35-40″ with one generous dip of the paintbrush.  Few paints have better workability unless you move up to the most expensive paints.

The paint is a pleasure to work with.

Grade: 10 out of 10

Washability & Durability: Duration Satin

Duration Satin washability

We applied the Duration and allowed it to cure for 14 days before we applied the list of items below:

  • Mustard
  • Catsup
  • Pencil
  • Red Wine (French Bordeaux)
  • Coffee
  • Crayon


  • The products listed above dried on the wall for about two full days.

    Results – Duration Satin has a very durable finish.  It can withstand cleaning detergents such as Krud Kutter, Simple Green, Spray Nine, and Orange Cleaner.

Duration cleaned up bey well and is ver durable

All the stains were removed, and the paint was not damaged.   No Paint came off, and the sheen was not altered after about three minutes of cleaning with a microfilter cloth.

Washability and Durability was Grade 10 out of 10


Duration Satin Notes


The sheen on this paint is duller than most satin finish paints (15-20 units at 85 degrees.)  In my opinion, it could have been labeled eggshell paint.

Also, the paint’s feel is closer to shark skin than a smooth enamel hard shell finish.  Because of its texture, I would not recommend this paint for trim.  This is much better suited for walls in high-traffic areas that need durability and washability.


Other than flat and matte finish paints, most do not touch very well.  Duration Satin can be touched up as long as the wall does not run parallel with windows.  Tall foyers and long walls may show a sheen difference from where it was touched up to where it was not.  If you are more inclined to touch-up your walls than clean them, the price might not make this the best choice.  Other paints like Promar 200, Cashmere,  PPG Speedhide may be better options.

Self Priming

I did not need to apply primer over the spackle spots before painting the Duration Satin.  Avoiding this step saves time and money.

  • Coverage  ……     10
  • Workability ……10
  • Washability ……. 10
  • Durability …….. 10
  • Touch-up ………   8
  • Self Priming …..10
  • Value ……………..9
  • Price …………….. 7 (on the high side)

Overall score 67 out of 70

Duration can be purchased only at  Sherwin Williams Locations.

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