In 1957 when Regal Satin paint first landed on the painting shelves it was a unique paint.  I was touted as one of the easiest paints to apply ever.  In the 50’s most paint was alkyd base which means it spread like honey, and dried slowly.  

No question, for many years Regal Satin and late the Regal Aqua Velvet (eggshell) where the easiest to apply and resilient paints on the market.  However, how does Regal Flat compare with other premium paints in 2022?  

Regulations and consumer demand has changed what is expected from a gallon of paint.

We will compare 

  1. Coverage
  2. Washability
  3. Durability
  4. Workability
  5. Touch-up
  6. Price

Meet The Competition

What interior flat paint covers the best is why we tested this can of Duration
For a detailed review of Sherwin Williams Flat Paint s, Hover here.
Marquee does not come in a flat finish. The closest sheen is a Matte finish.
PPG Manor Hall
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                                                               Prejudice and Preconceived Beliefs

To be completely honest, I have always liked using Regal Paints but I typically bought PPG and SW products instead.  I had good results with PPG and SW, and new their strengths and weaknesses.  I only bought BM products when a customer insisted.  In most cases I really liked using Ben Moore products but I didn’t like the price.  BM products were always significantly more expensive than PPG and SW and I couldn’t justify the price.

In addition,   It was my experience that most  paint manufactures premium grade paints are all very good paints.

Therefore, there was no need to spend extra money on more expensive paints.



                  Regal Flat Coverage 

Regardless of when I was using the product in the 1990’s or 2022 the coverage has never been an issue. 

We painted at the Smithsonian for a several years.  With each new exhibit, there were always  dramatic color change.  The required paint was Regal Flat or Eggshell.   Whether we changed from dark colors to light colors, or vis-a-versa the paint covered in two coats.  

FYI – yes some paints cover better than Regal.  I tested Regal Flat with Berh Marquee Matte, and Duration Matte .   Though it still needed a second coat, it will give you the best chance at one coat coverage.  See examples below. 

However, if a paint covers in two coats, I give the coverage a 10.  If I was to compare the coverage to Behr Marquee Matte, I would give the Marquee a 10 and Regal a 7.5


Regal Flat Coverage score a 10

Painting with Regal Flat at the Smithsonian
Selvin painting at the Smithsonian for Klappenberger & Son
Ben Moore Regal Flat Coverage compared to Marquee Matte
Behr Marquee has significantly better coverage than Regal Flat

Flat Regal Washability

As recently as 5 years ago, premium flat paints did not have the washability of an average low sheen paint.  So, paint manufactures cheated a little and created matte finish paints.  Matte finish paints have a very slight sheen.  But a slight sheen was necessary to give this almost flat paint excellent washability.

Today there are several premium flat paints that can handle tough stains such as catsup, mustard, wine, and coffee.  A few years ago this was not possible.  

Regal flat paint was up for the challenge.  In addition to the paint being very washable, it did not effect the overall finish. In other words, there was no burnishing.

Regal Flat Washability 10 out of 10


Flat paints typically get damaged after cleaning also known as burnishing.

Regal Flat paint showed no signs of burnishing where it was cleaned.


Durability of Regal Flat 10 out of 10

Workability Means Better Productivity

In 1957 when Regal applied on walls it was branded as an easy paint to apply.  Back in those days most paint was alkyd and spread like cold butter or bread.  Regal Satin was a cutting edge acrylic paint that pleased homeowners and painters across the country.  

Today Regal Flat is still easy to work with.  It spreads much easier than most flat paints and the coverage is excellent.  

The easier paint is to apply the faster and more productive you will be.  Not only will Regal flat increase productivity but a single gallon of paint covers about 50 -75 square feet more than most paints.  

Does Regal Flat Touch-up?

Whether you have to go back and spackle or fix a scuff mark, Regal Flat touches up very well.  Most flat paints touch-up very well, in fact the cheaper quality paints are typically better.  Why?

Paints are designed for different purposes.  Having a paint that touches up does not cost much to make.  Having a paint with great washability usually means adding components that cost more and increase the sheen level.

Regal does cost more, but it is a true flat with superior washability.  

Is Regal Flat A True Flat

Yes, Regal Flat is considered a true flat.  Paints are rated by viewing them at an 85 degree angle and gaging there reflectivity.  For example, a wool sweater would have no reflectivity giving it a zero.  However, a mirror would have 100% reflectivity giving it a grade of 100.  Flat paint is supposed to be between 0 -2.  Regal Flat has a reflectivity of 1-3.5 on a scale of 100.  Why the variance?  The more pigment that is added to paint to get those dark or vibrant colors the more sheen.

What Is the Best Use For This Paint

Prior to Aura, Regal was Ben Moore’s Premium grade paint.  It retails for about $60.00 a gallon.  Do to the price alone, I would not recommend it on rental properties, restaurants, and other heavy traffic areas.

Instead I recommend this paint when you want a flat paint that you will be cleaning from time to time.  Do your walls have imperfections yet you want a washable paint?  Regal flat would be perfect.  Do you have a tall foyer and the walls are not straight?  Again, Regal flat to the rescue. 

My only criticism of the paint is the coverage and perhaps the cost could be $10.00 less.