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Terrific, and whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with?

Hi (customer name) thanks for calling, again my name is  (your name)  we would be happy to schedule an estimate but first I need to get some information from you.

Can you please spell your first name?

Can you please spell your last name?

And what is a good contact phone number for you?

Your email address because that is how we send our proposals

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(Customer’s name), and what kind of work are you looking to get done? Terrific. We can certainly help you with that.

Do you have a preference of when you would like an estimate? Let me take a look and see what we might have available. {schedule an agreeable time using Calendly}
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[Fill in the Meeting Date Scheduled YYYY-MM-DD]

That’s terrific [customer’s name]. We look forward to meeting you at (scheduled date).

Just one other question while I have you. How did you hear about us?

Outstanding! Again, thanks so much for calling and I know that our estimator is looking forward to meeting and giving you an estimate. Have a great day bye. [submit this form]