Is Scuff X Eggshell A Good Value?

Ben Moore Scuff X Eggshell can with a review by Klappenberger & Son
Ben Moore Scuff X retails for about $50.00 a gallon.

Ben Moore Scuff X Eggshell is engineered  to handle high traffic areas such as:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Conference rooms
  • Other busy areas that get scuffed frequently

For home use, Scuff X Eggshell would be ideal for hallways, mudrooms,  kids rooms.  

Scuff X has anti microbial additives that inhibit mold.  This makes  making it an ideal paint for bathrooms as well.

Personally, I would recommend using Scuff X Semi-gloss on risers which are very prone to scuff marks from shoes. 

Coverage of BM Scuff X Eggshell

The coverage of Scuff X acrylic eggshell was very good.  The paint covered easily in two coats.  This dining room was white prior to painting it with mid tone red.   It easily covered in two coats.

Ben Moore paints use Gennex technology which has two advantages.  First, the colors are fade resistant.  Secondly it produces colors that other paint manufactures may not be able to match.

Coverage Grade:  10 out of 10
Room painted with Ben Moore Scuff X Eggshell

Self Priming:

Scuff X does not claim to be self priming and it is not.  If you spackle, make sure you prime first.



For most people, painting is not at the top of their list of fun things to do.  Therefore, having a paint that is easy to work should go into the equation of which paint to buy. 

The easier a paint is to apply, the more productive the painter will be.

    I had no problem brushing 28″-32″ with one generous dip of the brush.  Anything less than 24-28″ I would have given it a lower grade.   In addition to it being cooperative to brush, it also rolled very nicely.  Using a 1/2″ nap roller, the paint rolled easily, and I had no issues with paint dripping off the roller or splattering.



Washability of Scuff X Eggshell

Six different were applied on the wall products on the wall to test for washability and durability.

  • Crayon
  • Pencil
  • Catsup
  • Mustard
  • Red wine
  • Coffee

All products were removed easily except the crayon.  The crayon eventually came off but it required quite a bit of effort.


The Durability of Scuff X Eggshell

Not only was the Scuff X able to handle the Krud Kutter and remove the stains, but when the wall dried, there was no evidence of cleaning.  With many paints, burnishing of the walls can occur.  This eggshell paint showed no burnishing or damage  from the cleaning.



Rarely do eggshell paints touch- up.  Instead of blending in, eggshell paints get more reflective (shiner) with each additional coat.

Therefore, if a paint does not touch-up, then it would be necessary to paint the entire wall as opposed to a small area. 

Scuff X eggshell also got shiner in the areas where it received a 3rd coat.   


Ben Moore Scuff X has a very smooth finish.  It feels like it has a hard shell coating over top of it, and that probably what makes it scuff resistant. 

Ben Moore Scuff X Eggshell Conclusion

I found one additional nice feature about this eggshell paint.  It successfully primed the spackle spots.  Even if I shined a light against the walls, I could see no difference in the sheen of the walls where I spackled compared to where I didn’t.   This paint is straightforward to use, covers well, and has excellent durability and coverage.  It retails for $52.00 but can be found as low as $33.00.

  • Coverage       10
  • Workability  10
  • Washability  10
  • Durability     10
  • Touch-up      7
  • Self Priming – no 

Overall score 47 out of 50

C2 – Flat

C2- Matte

Eggshell Speedhide PPG

Eggshell Epoxy PPG

PPG Ultralast Matte 

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