Interior Painting in Coral Gables

If you need interior painting in Coral Gables, why is it so hard to find a professional, reliable company?  We hear it all the time.  

“I called 5 painting contractors, and you were the only one who called me back.” 

Sorry, it doesn’t help the reputation of our industry.  However, we do things differently, and if you allow me to be brief, I will explain.    

We started painting interior homes in 1989.  We have made our share of mistakes and learned from them along the way.  But we have also picked up a ton of best practices and execute them in all of our interior painting projects in Coral Gables and beyond.

Painting Contractor in Van

Why It Makes Sense to Call Us for Your Interior Painting in Coral Gables

  1. Quick turnaround on estimates.  Typically we give you an estimate within 24-48 hours (sometimes even the same day).
  2. Quote – Because we have developed our own estimating software, our turnaround time for quotes is faster than most other painting contractors.
  3. Fair Pricing – We don’t look around your home and pick a number out of the sky.  Instead, we calculate the space, the number of coats, and the prep work and arrive at an accurate and fair price.
  4. Communication – I am not only the estimator but also the project manager of the job.  This ensures that communication mistakes are at a minimum, and the jobs run smoothly for your interior painting in Coral Gables.


Enter your name, email and phone number below.  One of our friendly staff members will get back to you within 60 minutes to schedule your free exterior painting estimate.  We can’t wait to meet you!

Lady Painter, painting door for Klappenberger & Son
Painters in Anne Arundel County shown here installing crown molding

The Process: Starting the Interior Painting Job in Coral Gables

Before starting any interior painting, either the content will be protected or removed from the room.

 1.  Protect or remove contents

 2.  Remove wall and switch plates

 3.  Spackle and caulk areas as needed

 4.  Sand areas with a vacuum attachment to minimize dust

 5.  Apply samples on areas to be painted for approval. 

These steps help ensure that the interior painting is done properly and lasts for many years. 

Choosing the Right Paint

Klappenberger & Son is more than just an interior painting company.  We also know the manufacture’s products inside and out.  Currently, we have over 30 different interior paints that we analyze and compare, and pass the results on to you.  Here are a few samples of videos and blogs.  For a complete list, visit our blog page.

Unless expressly noted, each paint Klappenberger & Son review covers the following topics:

  • Coverage
  • Workability
  • Washability
  • Durability
  • Self-Priming
  • Self-Leveling 


Is the most versatile eggshell on the market.
Most durable flat paint under $45.00
ProMar 200 Review by Klappenberger & Son
ProMar 200 Flat and Eggshell have excellent value

We Can Help Suggest the Right Paint

As a professional contractor of interior painting in Coral Gables, we know that it is not a one-size-fits-all solution for which paint is the best for you.  Many painting contractors use the same paint for every job because they are comfortable — that’s understandable but not necessarily good for you, the customer.

Scenario #1 

If you are selling the home, an interior painting contractor should recommend a paint that:

  • Hides imperfections 
  • Covers well (reduce the number of coats applied)
  • Touches-up well
  • Is inexpensive

Scenario #2

The family just moved in, and they have young kids and a big dog.  For this family I would suggest:

  • Good coverage
  • Washability
  • Durability
  • Touches -up
Klappenberger & Son Employee painting kitchen cabinets
Our Interior painters have a minimum of 5 years experience .
Spackle walls prior to painting
Patching drywall and even moving switches are all part of many of our interior painting projects.
Klappenberger & Son crew painting the interior of a home
If you love straight lines like we do on your interior painting, then let us show you what we can do.

Quality Interior Painting In Coral Gables:

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foyer painted by Klappenberger & Son

Other Painting & Handyman Services We Provide in Coral Gables Include

Whether you need interior and exterior painting or handyman services in Coral Gables, we have you covered. 

In addition to saving you time from calling and managing multiple contractors, Klappenberger & Son’s one-stop-shop approach saves you money!

Most, if not all, contractors charge an exaggerated rate for the first hour for small jobs.  For example, if you need a bathroom light replaced,  the walls, and a door replaced, you may need 3 different trades charging a premium price for the 3 small jobs.  With Klappenberger & Son, we can do all three trades saving you time and money.

Handyman installing recess light
Replacing lights, fans, and other minor electrical services
Exterior Painting in Miami
Exterior Painting In Coral Gables and all over Miami Dade
replacing a door with the right size
Handyman services include replacing interior and exterior doors.