Interior Painting in Miami

Miami painting: interior painting of living room with coffered ceiling

How Much Does It Cost For Interior Painting In Miami?

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Interior Painting In Miami

Miami’s metro population is 6,097,747.   Yet if you need a quality interior painting in Miami, it can be like finding a cool pool on a hot summer day.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that if you are not one of our 30,000 repeat customers, you are probably looking for a reliable Miami painting contractor.  

If you have never used our interior painting services before, welcome to our site, and I look forward to shaking hands.  If you are returning customer, we appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you again.

For those new to us, I’d like to share our Superior Customer Service, which is quickly making us the #1 Miami painting company.

Painting Contractor in Van
There are many painting companies in Miami to chose from, we always do our best to be our best!

5 Reason To Call Us For Your Interior Painting In Miami

lady getting an estimate

Quick turnaround on estimates.  Typically we give you an estimate within 24-48 hours (sometimes even the same day).

Quote – Because we have developed our estimating software, our quote turnaround time is faster than most other painting contractors.

Fair Pricing – We don’t look around your home and pick a number out of the sky.  Instead, we calculate the space, the number of coats, and the prep work and arrive at an accurate and fair price.  Check out our interior painting calculator to see how much it would cost to paint your interior.

Communication – I am not only the estimator but also the job’s project manager.  This ensures that communication mistakes are minimal and the jobs run smoothly for your interior painting in Miami.

5-10 year warranty on painting

Warranty -We offer limited 10-year warranties for interior painting.  

The industry standard for painting companies in Miami is one year.  I believe if any bubbling, peeling, or old stains come back, we did something wrong.  Even nail pops we fix come with a ten-year warranty.  

Warranties are excellent because it gives us a chance to build trust.  Don’t be surprised if we call you occasionally to ask how things the paint is holding up.  

In addition, we also offer an unheard-of 5-year warranty on kitchen cabinet painting

We believe giving extended warranties ensures 

Superior Customer Service: QC For Our Interior Painting in Miami

Our painters in Miami follow our 33 years of best practices

We have found out the hard way that there are a lot of slop-and-go painters in Miami.  We train, then train some more and continually inspect what we expect.

If they can’t follow our system, we encourage them to work for our competitors!

Before starting any interior painting, the content will be protected or removed from the room.

 1.  Protect or remove contents

 2.  Remove wall and switch plates

 3.  Spackle and caulk areas as needed

 4.  Sand areas with a vacuum attachment to minimize dust

 5.  Apply samples on areas to be painted for approval. 

Our Superior Customer Service is no slogan.   It is a checklist of best practices that we incorporate on every job!  

Gallary of Interior Painting In Miami Projects

Lady Painter, painting door for Klappenberger & Son
House Painting In Miami
Painting contractor Miami, Klappenberger & Son applying a primer coat.
Miami Kitchen Cabinet painting
Interior painting Miami includes painting these beautiful kitchen cabinets.
Your go to painting contractor in Miami
edited 22
Location: Miami painting hallway
Miami painting modern stairwell
Location: Miami painting modern stairwell
Klappenberger & Son Employee painting kitchen cabinets
Interior painting in Miami
Spackle walls prior to painting
Painters in Miami patching drywall and even moving switches are all standard operation
Klappenberger & Son crew painting the interior of a home
Interior painting in Miami

Choosing the Right Paint

Klappenberger & Son is more than just an interior Miami painting contractor.  We also know the manufacture’s products inside and out.  Currently, we have over 60 different interior paints that we analyze and compare, and pass the results on to you.  Here are a few samples of videos and blogs.  For a complete list, visit our blog page.

Unless expressly noted, each paint Klappenberger & Son review covers the following topics:

  • Coverage
  • Workability
  • Washability
  • Durability
  • Self-Priming
  • Self-Leveling 


Due to the harsh ultraviolet rays in Florida’s Miami, we can suggest paints such as Ben Moore with Gennex Color Technology that is fade-resistant.  

Is the most versatile eggshell on the market.
Most durable flat paint under $45.00
ProMar 200 Review by Klappenberger & Son
ProMar 200 Flat and Eggshell have excellent value

We Can Help Suggest the Right Paint

As a professional Miami painting contractor, we know it is not a one-size-fits-all solution for which paint is the best for you.  Many painting contractors use the same paint for every job because they are comfortable — that’s understandable but not necessarily good for you, the customer.

Scenario #1 

If you are selling the home, an interior painting contractor should recommend a paint that:

  • Hides imperfections 
  • Covers well (reduce the number of coats applied)
  • Touches-up well
  • Is inexpensive

Scenario #2

The family just moved in, and they have young kids and a big dog.  For this family, I would suggest:

  • Good coverage
  • Washability
  • Durability
  • Touches -up


Most painting contractors in Katy TX do not do free color consulation . Klappenberger & Son does

Picking The Right Sheen

Some quick thoughts on sheen

Sheen is graded on a reflectivity scale of 1-100. 

A reflectivity of 1 would be a chalkboard, and 100 would be a mirror.

The highest reflectivity I have found is Fine Paints Of Europe Holland Lac Gloss Oil.  It has a reflectivity of 92!

Most high gloss paints have a reflective value in the mid-80s.  


                                              From Flat to High Gloss


There are five common sheens, from flat to gloss.  I wrote a blog that quickly breaks down.  Here are the cliff notes. 

Flat and Matte sheen -has a reflective value from 1-5.   Flat paints hide imperfections and are best for ceilings and some walls.  Some flat paints have poor washability but not all.  Premium paints like Aura, Dynasty, Marquee, UltraLast and Emerald Urethane, and C2  all have excellent washability.  Where to use: ceilings and walls.  

Eggshell sheen -I have yet to find an eggshell paint that does not have excellent washability.  However, few eggshell paints touch up.  Meaning if for any reason, you have to touch up the wall, you will most likely have to paint the entire wall.  Where to use: closets, smooth walls, hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and pig pens bedroom.

Satin Sheen -if your kitchen cabinets still have the factory finish, it is likely a satin finish.  Satin is also commonly used for furniture.  Great washability, poor touch-up.  Where to use:  closets, shelving, kitchen cabinets, bookcases.

Semi-Gloss – standard on trim, not used on walls as much as it once was.  

Gloss – when you get something that you want people to see.  High Gloss catches your attention.  Even if it is put on a ceiling. 


High gloss black on ceiling
High-gloss black on ceiling creates a lot of attention.
Miami painting damaged walls like these should have flat paint applied.
Even after 2-3 passes of spackle, these walls would be best suited for a flat sheen.
Miami Painting Ceilings flat white
Miami painting ceiling flat white. This will hide the imperfections comming in from the windows

Other Services We Provide in Miami Include

Whether you need interior and exterior painting or handyman services in Miami, we have you covered. 

In addition to saving you time from calling and managing multiple contractors, Klappenberger & Son’s one-stop-shop approach saves you money!

Most, if not all, contractors charge an exaggerated rate for the first hour for small jobs.  For example, if you need a bathroom light replaced,  the walls, and a door replaced, you may need 3 different trades charging a premium price for the 3 small jobs.  With Klappenberger & Son, we can do all three trades saving you time and money.

Handyman installing recess light
Replacing lights, fans, and other minor electrical services.
Exterior Painting in Miami
Exterior Painting In Miami.
interior Miami painting finished condo by Klappenberger & Son
Besides painting this beautiful room, we adjusted the sliding glass doors and patched holes.
Miami Painting contractor Rasheed Bowen of Klappenberger & Son
I look forward to giving you a fair price and the excellent service you deserve.

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