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East Coast Handyman Electrical Services

From time to time, many Mid-Atlantic homeowners may need to perform small electrical projects, like ceiling fan, light switch or fixture installations, that may need the expert touch of a professional to ensure safe and proper completion.

At Klappenberger & Son, our team of trained and dependable professionals can provide a wide range of handyman electrical services in addition to our residential painting services. We install electrical appliances like ceiling and attic fans and repair problems with light switches, lighting fixtures and dimmers.

One-Stop Shop

As professional painters, we started performing electrical work because our customers would have us paint the interior of their house and they would get an electrician to change out the lights and electrical sockets. After they had left there would be nicks or scuffs in the new paint job. Klappenberg & son is your one-stop shop. You would not want our paint to drip on your new electrical appliances and you wouldn’t want the new electrical appliances to create awful scuffs on your newly painted wall, so why not get us to do the whole job and do it right. Our team can help you with small-scale electrical installations around your Maryland home, and we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive services that are dependable, affordable and efficient. For all our customers, we offer expert advice and consultations, free estimates, workmanship warranties and flexible scheduling options.

Electrical Services & Installation in Maryland & Beyond

Are you looking for a local professional to assist you with minor electrical installations and fixes, so you don’t end up getting zapped yourself? The team at Klappenberger & Son is extensively trained to handle any small electrical project safely and effectively to ensure lasting dependability and functionality. When you need reliable, knowledgeable and friendly local technicians to help with your home improvement tasks, trust us to perform a variety of electrical services, including:

  • Attic fan installation:Keeping your attic cool and energy-efficient is essential during blazing Maryland heatwaves, and one of the best solutions for a comfortable attic is installing an attic fan. Attic fans blow hot air from your attic and replace it with cooler outdoor air to lower attic temperatures. With us as your trusted and handy attic fan installer, you can ensure your fan is installed correctly, safely and strictly adhering to local codes.
  • Dimmers, timers and motion detectors:Are you looking for more pleasant and convenient lighting solutions, like dimmers or timers, throughout your home? Many of these lighting installations can be complex and complicated, so to update your home’s lighting easily and quickly, trust the experts at Klappenberger & Son.
  • Light switch installation and services:Over time, light switches in your home may begin to wear and need to be replaced. With constant use, the up-and-down click within the switch can wear out and malfunction. Luckily, the light installers at Klappenberger & Son can quickly and safely make these replacements.
  • Ceiling fan installation and replacement:Ceiling fans are great additions to reduce cooling costs and achieve more comfortable temperatures throughout your home. The electrical work associated with installing ceiling fans can be complicated and dangerous when not handled by a trained, experienced professional. Our team will take the necessary steps to ensure your fans are installed correctly and look good in your home.
  • Lighting fixture installation:Are the lighting fixtures in your home beginning to look a bit drab and dated? You can transform your home by installing new light fixtures with the help of Klappenberger & Son. We’ll visit your home and perform fast, safe and effective replacements.
  • Hard-to-reach bulb and smoke detector replacement:Changing blown-out lightbulbs or smoke detectors in hard-to-reach places can be hazardous for homeowners without the tools, equipment and ability to safely perform the replacement.
  • Loose wall switch and socket repair: Among electrical tasks, messing with loose wall switches and malfunctioning sockets are among the most dangerous. The professionals at Klappenberger & Son know how to approach these electrical repairs safely, giving you peace of mind.

Call Klappenberger & Son For Safe & Fast Electrical Installation

With the electrical services provided by the experts at Klappenberger & Son, you can have new electrical appliances and a beautiful newly painted room without scuffs on the paint or paint on your new lights or fans. This will improve the entire aesthetic of your home. We happily serve communities throughout Maryland, including Baltimore, Annapolis and their surrounding counties. Call us today at 410-647-5700 to cross some of these small electrical repairs and installations off your to-do list. To request additional information about our other home improvement services, including remodels and interior home painting, fill out our online contact form.

Klappenberger & Son is a licensed MHIC company but does not have a full-scale electrical license so we are limited in the scope of electrical services we can perform. We simply provide this service as a convenience for you and your buildings final appearance.


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