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Wallpaper Removal in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Wall-pa-per re-mov-al

noun \ˈwȯl-ˌpā-pər\ri-ˈmü-vəl — tedious punishment that never ends. Also called Purgatory.

wallpaper removal in marylandAnyone who has attempted to remove wallpaper knows that it is one of the toughest remodeling tasks out there — with so many tedious steps like scoring the paper, wetting the surface and scraping away small pieces, then washing away the adhesive, it’s difficult not to go a bit stir crazy. At Klappenberger & Son, we have countless hours of experience at this thankless job using the proper tools and techniques. Let us do the hard work so you don’t have to. With proper wallpaper removal, you can finally update the space, remove any unattractive paper qualities like bubbling, peeling, and yellowing, and give your home a smooth, modern, painted appearance.

At Klappenberger & Son we have all the experts you need under one roof for your wallpaper removal needs, and so much more.

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Why Remove Wallpaper Versus Paint Over It?

Wallpaper takes the right tools, equipment, and solvent, but also incredible patience. You’ve probably seen homes or other rooms where an impatient homeowner decided to just paint over the wallpaper versus stripping it away. While some sites may pose convincing arguments for why it’s better for your mental health just to cut corners and paint over that papery eye-sore, you should always attempt to remove the unwanted wallpaper, because you’ll experience better results and fewer problems overall.

Reasons to remove your old wallpaper include:

  • Wallpaper is applied in rows, and when this material is painted over, the seams where the paper was lined up will often show through the paint application.
  • Most wallpaper designs are textured. When you paint over it, you’ll find you’ve enhanced an unwanted and unattractive texture.
  • The moisture in the paint can loosen the wallpaper’s adhesive over time, which will lead to a bubbling appearance or cause the paper to peel away, taking the paint along with it.

In certain situations, it is beneficial to paint over wallpaper. If there aren’t seams that will appear and the wallpaper helps the wall’s integrity, leaving the wallpaper on will make a great final product. Our professional experience plays a major role in knowing which route to go with your interior painting project. This would save you money and time in the end.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Remove Unwanted Wallpaper

klappenberger wallpaper removal in marylandWhile there are many tools you can purchase to assist you in removing your unwanted wallpaper, removal is often more challenging — and difficult — than it may initially appear. When you’re ready to remove your unwanted wallpaper, considering hiring a professional to experience the following benefits:

  • Save Time and Energy: Rarely does wallpaper peel away in large sheets from your wall easily like removing the rind of an orange. Removing the paper is often incredibly time-consuming because it doesn’t easily come away from the wall, and over time, wallpaper adhesive bonds become stronger, which makes removal even more difficult. At Klappenberger & Son, we use highly effective solvents and tools to quickly and efficiently remove wallpaper without causing damages.
  • Removal Expertise and Techniques: With over 25 years of industry experience, we’ve developed tried-and-true techniques to efficiently remove any type of wallpaper. Each different type of paper — acrylic, vinyl, and foil — requires unique removal techniques, and our experts can quickly assess what material we’re working with and can develop the proper solution for easy removal.
  • Avoid Property Damages: With each project, we treat the space as if it were our own homes, so we take great care to protect your personal property and the integrity of your home. With improper and hasty removal, you can cause damage to your home, including peeling away or creating holes in your drywall that will need to be repaired before painting. We ensure there are no unexpected surprises when removing your wallpaper and that the job is completed to your expectations.

Don’t Keep Needlessly Scraping Away — Call the Experts at Klappenberger & Son For Wallpaper Removal

At Klappenberger & Son, we have all of the experts you need under one roof for your wallpaper removal needs, and so much more. We have over 25 years of home improvement experience throughout Maryland communities and we guarantee fast, friendly and effective services to expertly remove your unsightly wallpaper. In addition to our wallpaper removal services, we also specialize in interior and exterior painting, custom carpentry, power washing, and deck staining. For all of our services, we provide free estimates, in-home consultations, and flexible timelines that work with your schedule.

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