PPG Semi gloss WallHide Can
PPG WallHide Semi-Gloss $35.00
PPG Semi-Gloss UltraLast
UltraLast Semi-Gloss $70.00
Speedhide PPG Semi-gloss can
SpeedHide $25.00
PPG Semi-Gloss Manor Hall Can
Manor Hall $45.00
Semi-Gloss Advance 900 can
Advantage 900 $50.99

What Types of PPG Semi-Gloss Are We Testing?

Whether you are selling the house and need a fresh coat or looking for something that will last for years,  there is a PPG Semi-gloss for you.

WallHide – is priced one step above the midgrade SpeedHide.  As I compare Wallhide to the other 5 paints, I find it is the worst of the bunch.   It has poor coverage, workability, washability, and durability.

In conclusion. there is not an application that I would recommend Wallhide over another PPG Paint.

In contrast, UltraLast is a premium semi-gloss that can be applied on both trim and kitchen cabinets.   It has a very durable and smooth finish.  The smooth finish makes it excellent for kitchen cabinets, mantles, and bookcases.   

Speedhide – I’ve been using Speedhide flat and eggshell for decades and love the quality/price relationship.  However, the Speedhide Semi-gloss is a product that I have steered away from.  Coverage was always the reason. 

Trim is very time-consuming to paint, so I naturally wanted something that covers.   

Manor Hall – is unique in that I have tested both the flat and eggshell, and semi-gloss gave very high scores to those as well.  

Advantage 900 – is a waterborne paint that only comes in semi-gloss and gloss.  It is often recommended when adhesion and drying time are of the greatest importance. 


Ranking PPG Semi-Gloss Coverage

Judge evaluating coverage of Pittsburgh paint Semi-gloss paints

What PPG Paint Covers The Best?

The coverage of the paint varied depending on the background color it was covering.  In other words, just because a brand of paint covered over a dark color better than the other does not mean it will cover over a mid-tone color better.  Therefore coverage depends on the base coat it is trying to cover.

For more information on coverage of PPG Paint please visit What PPG Paint Covers The Best.

Washability & Durability of PPG Semi-Gloss Paint

Stains on various PPG White Semi-gloss paints

Washability – refers to the ability of the paint to be cleaned and the stains coming off.

Durability  – refers to what are the effects of the paint after cleaning.   Did any of the paint come off?  Is there evidence of burnishing?


The washability of PPG semi-gloss paints was not surprising.  Manor Hall, Advantage 900, and UltraLast had good washability.  Though none of them could get the mustard stains off, that may have been because the mustard had about 6 days to dry.  

Washability and durability of PPG semi-gloss paint chart