Pricing Guide

Pricing Guide for Maryland Painting Services

Know how much it will cost to have interior items painted in your home or business. Check out our estimates for painting prices in Maryland.

On average for one coat of paint on the ceiling, two coats on the walls, and one coat on the trim, with minimum preparation, you can figure roughly $3.00 per square foot of floor space.

A Typical 12′ x 12′ Room Using Mid-Grade Paint (Sherwin Williams Promar 200, Duron Ultra Deluxe, Pittsburgh Speedhide):

  • One Coat on Walls: $276.00
  • Additional Coats on Walls: $102.00
  • One Coat on Ceiling: $72.00
  • One Coat on Door, Window, and Baseboards: $78.00
  • Average 2′ x 4′ Closet with One Shelf: $54.00
  • Interior New Construction: Starting at $6.00 /Square Foot
  • Wallpaper Removal: $55.00 /Hour, Plus Materials

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*Other factors will affect painting prices such as the condition of the walls and trim, ceiling height and type, crown molding and chair rail, and, of course, the type and brand of paint.

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