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Painting over wallpaper
Tips and Tricks

Wallpaper Removal or Painting Wallpaper

Wallpaper Removal or Painting Wallpaper Painting over and/or removing wallpaper: 3 Rules, 6 Steps I often think of wallpaper removal as what purgatory must be like.  In purgatory, I envision a matter-of-fact man saying, “When you get the wallpaper removed in this room,  I have another one ready for you.” 

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House Painting Project In Fairfax VA

Why Should You Choose Klappenberger and Son Painting and Handyman Experts For Your Next House Painting Project In Fairfax VA? Get a Quote Now Choosing a professional painting company is like trying to spot the gristle in a steak without cutting it. It’s impossible to tell until you buy the

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Painting Contractor In Fairfax Virginia

Finding A Dependable Painting Contractor in Fairfax, VA Get a Quote Now Working with the Klappenberger and Son painting contractors in Fairfax is as easy as scheduling your free estimate and signing the contract. I wish we could say that about the house painting industry as a whole! Call five

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Aura Semi gloss
Interior Design

Ben Moore Aura Matte Paint Review

Aura Matte is Benjamin Moore’s top-of-the-line paint, but is it a good value? Aura Matte has a retail cost in the mid $60s, so what exactly are you getting?  And how does it compare to less expensive paint? To keep the tests fair, I always evaluate white paints and test

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Pitt-Glaze WB1
Painting Reviews

PPG Pitt Glaze WB1: The Best Interior Paint

Pitt Glaze WB1 Eggshell: Best Interior Paint Ever?! I realize that saying that Pitt Glaze WB1 is the best eggshell paint ever is a bold statement.  But it’s true.  I have evaluated several premium and mid-grade eggshells, and nothing compares.  I have not evaluated every mid-premium grade eggshell paint on

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Cashmere flat paint can
Interior Design

A Pro’s Review of Cashmere Low-Luster

Is Cashmere Low-Luster a Good Value in 2023? Yes, and here’s why. Cashmere paint list for about 69.00 in 2023 Cashmere Low-Luster is a quality paint that both painting contractors and DIYers often overlook. To determine if Cashmere Low-Luster we will be looking at its: Price + Coverage + Washability +

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Interior painting and trim installed
Interior Design

Best Color To Paint An Office

Choosing a paint color for an office can be a challenge. Whether it’s a home office or commercial office, an office should promote productivity and feel comfortable at the same time. You may also need to consider employees and clients when choosing office paint colors for your business. Although it

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Manor Hall Eggshell
Interior Painting

Manor Hall Eggshell Review

Is Manor Hall Eggshell a Good Value? Manor Hall paint is PPG’s premium grade paint, and the interior eggshell paint retails bewteen $52.00 –  $33.00.   I have been using this paint since it first arrived at Maryland Paint nearly 20 years ago.   PPG Manor Hall Interior Eggshell has always been

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Staining a fence
Exterior Painting

When Should I Paint or Stain My Deck?

Solid Stain vs Paint Whether you live in an arid climate or a 4 season climate,  your deck will regularly need refinishing. But when is the best time of the year to schedule your deck for painting or staining? We can stain or paint your deck almost all year-round as

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