Painting Your House In The Winter: Why It’s A Smart Idea

Painting Your House In The Winter: Why It’s A Smart Idea Save time and money with Klappenberger & Son this winter While most people think that house painting is only something that should be done in the summer, there are a number of reasons why painting your house in the winter can be a smart […]

Wallpaper Removal or Painting Wallpaper

Wallpaper Removal or Painting Wallpaper Painting over and/or removing wallpaper: 3 Rules, 6 Steps I often think of wallpaper removal as what purgatory must be like.  In purgatory, I envision a matter-of-fact man saying, “When you get the wallpaper removed in this room,  I have another one ready for you.”  It’s tedious work, and there’s […]

House Painting Project In Fairfax VA

Why Should You Choose Klappenberger and Son Painting and Handyman Experts For Your Next House Painting Project In Fairfax VA? Get a Quote Now Choosing a professional painting company is like trying to spot the gristle in a steak without cutting it. It’s impossible to tell until you buy the steak and cut it open. […]

Painting Contractor In Fairfax Virginia

Finding A Dependable Painting Contractor in Fairfax, VA Get a Quote Now Working with the Klappenberger and Son painting contractors in Fairfax is as easy as scheduling your free estimate and signing the contract. I wish we could say that about the house painting industry as a whole! Call five pizza delivery stores and order […]

Ben Moore Aura Matte Paint Review

Aura Matte is Benjamin Moore’s top-of-the-line paint, but is it a good value? Aura Matte has a retail cost in the mid $60s, so what exactly are you getting?  And how does it compare to less expensive paint? To keep the tests fair, I always evaluate white paints and test the following:   Workability Coverage Finish […]