Kitchen Painting on the East Coast

Repainted kitchen and dining room.Your home’s kitchen is one of the most buzzing and active rooms in your house, and you want a functional and attractive appearance perfect for preparing family dinners or just enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning. At Klappenberger & Son, we work closely with homeowners throughout Maryland — From Annapolis and Baltimore communities to Montgomery County — to help modify, upgrade and paint stunning, high-quality kitchens intended to make your kitchen look brand new and reflect your personal style and of course make it the perfect place for your family and friends to enjoy food.

Kitchen Painting Expertise in Maryland & Beyond

We have been mastering the art of painting kitchen cabinets for almost 30 years. Our techniques and process use the best materials for an amazingly smooth and durable finish. Our finishes are so smooth we saw a fly skid across the surface! Most homeowners just don’t have the tools, time or experience to get the same results. When kitchen cabinets are brushed and rolled they just don’t compare to the fine finish look of a Klappenberger & Son cabinet. Painting your kitchen walls or cabinets is not a simple, fast weekend project you can complete yourself. Interior painting, especially in a kitchen needs attention to detail. While repainting your kitchen may seem like a straightforward project, due to the conditions and materials found throughout this space, a professional painting company with the proper tools and experience will be able to make sure the job is completed fast and effectively so you can have your kitchen back and not have to worry about the paint peeling.

Cabinets painted white.At Klappenberger & Son, our team is highly trained with techniques and paints available to help you select a fresh coat of paint that not only enhances the space but also adds daily convenience. For all our customers, we offer free in-home color consultations so we can fully understand your expectations and help you find paint solutions that best fits your needs and budget. When painting kitchens, we take into consideration popular paint options to guarantee you’re pleased with the final result. In our past experience, whites, yellows, reds and greens are popular colors for kitchens. We recommend high-quality satin and semi-gloss finishes to ensure the highest-quality paint results that are easy to maintain and clean while upholding their appearance.

When painting your kitchen, we understand we’re guests in your home, so we take great care to preserve your surroundings and be minimally disruptive during visits. Our processes include thorough prep, cleanliness, and typically can get a kitchen painted in a day.

With heavy traffic and regular daily use, your kitchen cabinets can start to look grimy and dated over time. To revamp the look of your cabinets, trust the experienced and trained professionals at Klappenberger & Son to know the correct primers and topcoats that can withstand the daily wear and tear. While it may seem tempting to paint cabinets yourself to save on upfront costs, by hiring our team for your kitchen cabinet painting or replacement, you’ll experience:

  • Proper preparation for maximum adhesion
  • Higher-quality satin finishes clean smooth finish
  • Faster completion
  • Choose from 1000’s of colors
  • Painting kitchen cabinets is typically 75% less than replacing with moderately priced cabinets.

Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Knobs & Handles

Replacing kitchen cabinets is both expensive and time consuming. Typically, when people replace cabinets then they also replace the countertop, the sink, and you might as well throw in the faucet. The time and money it takes to orchestrate a project like this is always more than one expects. Painting kitchen cabinets has become a very popular alternative to replacement. The number one reason is cost. Though painting kitchen cabinets typically runs between $2,200 – $4,000.00 Replacing cabinets with starts around $8,000.00 and can easily escalates north of $20,000.00 and they are just sitting in boxes.

Obviously, painting kitchen cabinets can have a dramatic effect for a fraction of the cost. So while you are considering what color(s) to paint your cabinets my suggestion is let’s get some new kitchen knobs or handles. The knobs and or handles are just as dated as the original finish! And besides there are so many amazing choices to chose from. As long as you are not changing the hole locations installing new hardware is as easy as putting back the old ones. New kitchen cabinet hardware can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowes and the selection is pretty good… until you go to a place that specializes in kitchen cabinet hardware! Then the vast variety of different knobs, handles and pulls is awesome. From knobs that are different animals to custom to individual pieces of art. Freshly painted kitchen cabinets and some new kitchen hardware can make a huge difference to your kitchen for a fraction of the cost of replacing.

kitchen cabinet paint job

Kitchen Knobs & Handles

Additional Kitchen Remodeling Services

At Klappenberger & Son, our team wants to help bring out the beauty in your kitchen where everyone in your family can enjoy quality time together and eat delicious food. In addition to our kitchen painting and cabinet refinishing services, we also specialize in bathroom cabinet painting and several other kitchen remodeling services, including:

  • Kitchen sink and faucet installation
  • Kitchen backsplash installation
  • Kitchen flooring installation

Wood cabinets after they are painted white.Wood cabinets before they are painted.

Paint Your Kitchen Today With Klappenberger & Son

At Klappenberger & Son, we’ll help you transform your kitchen into a warm, functional and exciting place for you and your family to enjoy every day. We have over 25 years of experience creating inviting and useful kitchens for homeowners throughout Maryland, including communities in Anne Arundel, Queen Anne and Prince George counties. Our team ensures quality customer service and satisfaction by offering free consultations, flexible work schedules, warrantied workmanship and free project estimates. Complete our online contact form to request additional information or give us a call today at 410-647-5700 to explore your kitchen remodeling options.

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