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Proudly Serving…
Barnesville, Brookeville, Chevy Chase, Gaithersburg, Garrett Park, Glen Echo, Kensington, Laytonsville, Martin’s Additions, Poolesville, Rockville, Somerset, Takoma Park, as well as Washington Grove.
Whether your needs are residential, Commercial, or Government in nature, we provide the best Interior and Exterior painting services, as well as world-class Deck and Fence Staining, Custom Carpentry, Power Washing, Wallpaper Removal, and Historic Preservation services. If you are a first-time customer, then welcome! I think you will find that we are a different kind of painting company. If you are one of our returning satisfied 20,000 customers, then I truly appreciate your continued loyalty and support. We won’t take you for granted!

Contact Information:

Alex Mironov is your point of contact for all of your Montgomery County painting and project needs.

Klappenberger & Son of Montgomery County
451 Hungerford Drive, Suite 119-316
Rockville, MD 20850

Cell: 443-254-4980
Email: amironov@klappenbergerandson.com

Review by Gaithersburg, MD Homeowner

“Excellent work, great company, and I would absolutely recommend them. I would rate them A+ all the way.”

About Us

Klappenberger & Son is a painting company with a few good handymen who have been serving Montgomery County Since 1989.

  • Who we are – Everyone on our staff has at least 5 years of field experience! Most of our staff has been painting for over ten years and have all gone through our training process.
  • Reliability – if we say we are going to be there we are.
  • Prompt – being on time every day is critically important and it’s the respectful thing to do.
  • Respectful – Cleaning up and treating your property with respect is ingrained in our companies’ culture.
  • Communication – poor communication is 99% of how all problems occur. We will keep you informed of any changes and will be in daily contact if needed on your job until it is completed. I final walkthrough will be done to make sure you are completely satisfied with our painting and handyman services.

But don’t take our word for it. We have been in Best Picks since 2013- 2020! To be awarded Best Picks we must get reviewed by all of our customers every year! If we don’t score at least a 93% favorability score, we would not be eligible for Best Picks. Here is the unabridged, unedited results.

Custom Coffered Ceiling


Review by B. Markay, MD Homeowner

“Juan Carlos is the best painter we have used in any of our homes anywhere in the US.”

Interior Painters in Montgomery County

interior paint job in maryland

Money-Saving Tips

Are you looking to paint your home’s interior while sticking to a budget? One budget saving option would be to not paint the ceilings if they are in good shape. A second way to reduce costs is to not change the color of the trim. Why? Because changing colors generally requires two coats instead of one in order to have complete coverage. Most premium grade paints can cover 100% so long as you are not changing color. Using a top of the line product like Sherwin Williams Emerald can cover in one coat. As an extra bonus, premium grades like Emerald, have excellent wash-ability, bond better, and are much more resistant to scuffing.

Are You Selling Your Home?

Are you moving?   We can take care of the painting and handyman projects that need to be completed to get the house sold. If the inside of your home needs to be painted, we can advise you on the most important areas that need to be painted so you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Is it time to take down wallpaper?  We have the patients and skill to get it down in a timely fashion. We understand your two most important factors of getting your house ready are cost and time. Having the painting and handyman done under one company saves you both time and money. Below is a home we painted in Silver Spring.

Buying a Home?

Congratulations! We would be happy to advise you on the most washable paints, and proper sheens to fit your lifestyle. If you need your house painted on a stringent timeline, I am sure we can accommodate your schedule. Whether it’s handyman projects or painting applications, we can work weekends if needed to get the projects done before the moving van shows up!

Are the colors on the walls having you feel uninspired?

Colors on walls really do affect our modes. If you are feeling a little tired of the colors on the walls and would like to try something new, Klappenberger & Son can help with a free color consultation and of course, we can do the painting as well. Below is a picture from a Historic home we painted in Bethesda

interior wall paint job

Dependable, Skilled Exterior Painters in Montgomery County

historic restoration paint job

This is a historic home painted in Chevy Chase MD

Whether your painting and handyman projects are government, residential, or commercial, we provide expert exterior handymen and painters in Montgomery County and beyond. During your free consultation, we’ll visit your location to help determine which types of exterior paint options will suit your needs. We advise you on what types of products and processes will give you the longevity you demand on your home or building. In other words, we will educate you on: (Don’t worry, there are no tests or quizzes).

  • What is the best primer for your substrate?
  • Who has the best top-coat for your substrate?
  • Prior to painting, what is the proper moisture content of the substrate?

With over 30 years in the business, we know what has worked and what has failed. Let our expertise guide you on the proper process and products to have your home painted properly.

Painting Vinyl and Aluminum Siding

Many people are still not aware that aluminum and vinyl siding can be painted. The truth is both aluminum and vinyl make very compatible surfaces for the paint to adhere to. Vinyl and aluminum siding homes in Rockville and Silver Spring that we painted are lasting 15 years and counting. With the proper prep and paint, we can transform your home with a completely new look for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Painting Brick

Over the last 5 years or so we have seen a real increase in the number of customers who want their exterior brick painted. If your brick and siding (wood, vinyl, etc.) are two different colors, it can make the house look “choppy” and “cut-up”. Having the brick and siding the same color can actually make the house look bigger with a more continuous flow. Knowing the proper masonry primers and topcoats to use, you can expect the paint job to last at least 15 years or more. The home of the picture below did never looked small or choppy but it does look vastly different.

before brick paint job                           after brick paint job

Decks & Fences

Choosing the best product for your deck or fence’s longevity is not a one-size-fits-all answer. The truth is, the best product to apply will need to be determined by what was on the deck previously, and its current condition. Also, how old is the deck? If the deck is older than 15 years, a solid stain might be the best solution. If the deck is less than 7 years old, perhaps a wood preservative would be the best product. We would be happy to give you a free evaluation of your deck and give you professional guidance on which product would best serve your deck and your lifestyle.

Power Washing

Whether you need your deck or fence power washed in Gaithersburg, or your entire house power washed in Potomac MD, we know the proper environmentally safe chemicals that will properly clean the surfaces without causing damage to your plants, or the environment. Aggressive power washing techniques can cause real damage to the surface you are ultimately trying to protect. Our best practice is to allow environmentally friendly chemicals to do the work -not aggressive power washing!

man power washing exterior of home

Power washing job in Potomac MD

Replacing Rotten Wood

Klappenberger & Son can not only replace your rotten wood with new composites that will never rot, but with new products that will hold the paint for up to 15 years without chipping or peeling. Below are photos of a recent handyman and painting project completed in Rockville.



rotten wood on home

rotten wood replaced with new piece of wood

Handyman Services in Montgomery County

We believe in providing convenience to our customers by being a one-stop shop. If you are in need of what appears to require multiple trades, then look no further than Klappenberger & Son for your handyman task or “honey-do” lists. Whether you need to repair a broken door, install a tile backsplash, or add some crown molding, Klappenberger & Son can take care of those “honey-do” lists for you saving you time and money! Check out our list for a broader scope of handyman services we provide.



Review by Schalik J. | Chevy Chase
“Amazing company”

Commercial Painting Services

commercial painting work in howard county maryland

School Gymnasium painted in Rockville, MD

Klappenberger & Son has extensive experience in painting existing commercial spaces. If your painting/handyman projects need to be done during closing hours, then we can certainly accommodate. Our knowledge and expertise in recommending the correct paints for your specific needs separate us from the competition. Whether you need paint that kills germs and bacteria on contact or paint that absorbs odors, we know the correct paints and the best methods of application. Here is a video of us cleaning a wall that was painted at a school with low odor epoxy paint. The washability is very impressive!

Here is a shortlist of businesses we regularly paint and remodel for.

  • Retail Centers (J Crew, H&M, Crate & Barrel, Verizon)
  • Restaurants (Fuudruckers, Red Lobster)
  • Hospitals (over 30 Medstars)
  • Schools- AACC, Bowie State, Mount Mary, Coppin State
  • We have a small army of about 25 painters in Montgomery county

Painting Services for Local and Federal Government Serving Montgomery County

We have proudly worked in some of the most treasured landmarks including:

  • White House
  • Smithsonian
  • Pentagon
  • US Court of Appeals
  • NIH
  • USDA
government painting white house

The White House

Scope of work included:

  • Drywall repair & installation
  • All phases of painting
  • Stripping and refinishing doors
  • Historical Restoration projects interior painting
  • Historical Restoration projects exterior glazing and painting
  • Installing new flooring

At Klappenberger & Son, we can handle any of your painting projects on any federal or local government buildings you have in Montgomery County. We have decades of industry experience and understand your needs. Whether you need the hallways painted with a highly washable epoxy coating or historical restoration work, we have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right the first time.

Our experts specialize in working in a variety of government locations, including:

  • administration buildings
  • city halls
  • courthouses
  • historic properties
  • public safety
  • health buildings
  • public utility spaces
  • public works locations

Property Management Handyman Services Klappenberger & Son

person using electric saw to cut wood boardsKlappenberger & Son has developed long-standing relationships with property managers because frankly, we understand your needs:

  • Quick estimate
  • Quick turn around
  • Good work
  • Excellent communication
  • Discounted pricing
  • Detailed invoices including before and after pictures

Klappenberger & Son is your one-stop company for handyman and painting projects. Whether you need trash removed or gutters cleaned in Bethesda, or complete custom bathroom remodels in Potomac, we have the right people to get the projects completed in a timely fashion. If you are frustrated with unreliable painting and handyman contractors then please give us a call.

Click for a complete list of handyman services throughout all of Montgomery County.

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We would love to earn your trust and be your go-to painting and handyman company.    If you have been searching for painters in Montgomery County, look no further and give us a call today.

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Owner Operator Alex Mironov. 240-428-0099 or by completing our online contact form.

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